Giveaway: UDEMY Courses 3 Oct 19 For Free

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Merja Doerle

Dec 7, 2023, 1:52:01 PM12/7/23
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Knowledge is power! Enjoy this great list of free courses for Udemy. This list focuses only on Udemy courses that have gone free recently with a coupon. This list is tested a few times a day so the codes should mostly work, if not they will be removed promptly. Enjoy.

Some courses are free but you have to pay for the certificate.
For example, I took 2 courses and for the first one (Creative Problem Solving) I have the discount but for the second (Science of Exercise) I need to pay for the certificate and to submit my answers on quizzes.

Giveaway: UDEMY Courses 3 Oct 19 for Free


They still ask at the enrol to either pay xx$ dollar for certificate or free just audit option with no certificate, When reading i understand that the certificate you will get for free for the certain amount of courses offered to help keep people busy and to develop skill sets and to better fall back and help build a professional career and elevate the already collapsing economy.
So you can enrol for free, do the courses for free via audit, but at the end to show you passed and are competent you still have to pay x amount to receive the certificate, i am not clear on how its free tho.
Even tho for some i do not mind paying the x amount to receive the certificate to publish and add to CV for better chances of landing dream jobs or getting your foot in the door at companies.
Could someone please clarify my misty thoughts.

Hello Mr Shah,
Thanks for the extremely beneficial courses provided as well as making it free during covid-19.I want to ask you that are there courses for essay writing which could provide a free certificate during these times.If it is available please kindly inform me as it is important for some personal purposes.Thank You.

Would you be explain in more detail how you were able to find out these courses offer free certificates? Do they have different http address or must be generated from a promo? Just really curious how you went through all that.

thank you so much Mr shah i just Applied for 4 courses and its all free with a certficate
just click on the course here and wait a second the click on enroll free button select the purchase option it will take you directly to 100 % discount free of cost

Hi Dhawal Shah thank you for the wonderful oppourtunity you created for us. I purchased some of the courses for free. Did I want to complete all the courses before 31st July 2020? Or I can learn it later at anytime and I can earn free certificate whenever I completed the courses?. Please let me know.

I just enrolled in a couple of free Coursera certificate courses, but since it looks like the pandemic continues, is it possible the deadline can be extended to the last day of August instead, for those of us who discovered these great offerings a bit late?

Does Coursera still offer or will offer completely free courses with free certificates for this month until the end of this year as well? Please do answer me if you know. Thank you so much! Your articles and website have been very helpful.

Would you like some awesome technical education for free? Who wouldn't! Well-known education provider Udemy periodically offers many of their courses for free and LowEndTalk has a thread dedicated to...

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