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Jun 23, 2020, 10:54:06 AM6/23/20
to WinPython
In the past pandoc was part of the distribution but from a certain point it wasn't included anymore. 
Nbconvert is depending on this and therefore also nbsphinx (might be interesting as a default package for winpython)
In order to use pandoc it seems to be sufficient to add it to the "t" subfolder. 
Am I correct to state that it was removed due to the size of pandoc or is there any other reason? 


Jul 5, 2020, 2:39:32 PM7/5/20
to WinPython
Hi LucK,

At a moment, there was indeed a "reduce size" operation moment, and indeed Pandoc was removed.

.... Since then MKL, Torch, and Tensorflow made Pandoc look very small.

You're guessing right. 

Would the pandoc version still fit the bill ?


Jul 5, 2020, 3:00:20 PM7/5/20
to WinPython
I notice that baby Pandoc has grown up  a bit.....

There is twwo binaries in Pandoc-2.10:
- pandoc.exe 104Mo 
- pandoc-citeproc.exe 74Mo

==> is the pandoc-citeproc.exe of any use ?


Jul 6, 2020, 4:39:02 AM7/6/20
to WinPython
Hi stonebig,

I see for nbconvert only the following minimal requirement: "For converting markdown to formats other than HTML, nbconvert uses Pandoc (1.12.1 or later)." 
For the moment I'm still working with an older version and for my need it seems to be sufficient.

I don't think "pandoc-citeproc.exe" is required because I haven't bumped into any problems having only "pandoc.exe". 
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