How to debug "The connection was reset" errors

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Adi Roiban

Apr 15, 2011, 11:24:17 AM4/15/11
to Windmill Developers

I am trying the latest verions of windmill on Linux with Firefox. I
try to start Windmill using this command: -d run_service firefox

Firefox is started but I get a "The coonection was reset" error.

Firefox is started at URL:
The HTTP proxy is set in Firefox for and "No proxy for"
is empty.
I can see that there is a listening port on started by

I can access the URL from another browser so the
server that should be tested is running.

Even if i start windmill with the debuging flat, the only thing listed
in the console is:

windmill.bin.shell_objects: INFO ['/tmp/tmpeEGmzF.mozrunner/
mozrunner-firefox', '-profile', '/tmp/tmpeEGmzF.mozrunner', 'http://']

Are there any instructions about how to debug Windmill and see what is

Many thanks!

Adam Christian

May 20, 2011, 2:39:33 PM5/20/11
Hi Adi,

I'm wondering if that was the bug I fixed with launching Firefox 4 -- could you verify if this is still an issue?



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