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Welcome to the Women in Music Information Retrieval (WiMIR) mailing list! 

WiMIR is a group of people dedicated to promoting the role of, and increasing opportunities for, women in the MIR field. We meet to socialize, share information, and discuss in an informal setting, with the goal of building a community around women in our field.

WiMR has held an annual meeting at the ISMIR conference since 2012. The meetings have had a high turnout of both female and male attendees. A number of important issues ranging from mentorship, conference support, to improving the representativeness of women researchers in the community were discussed. 

If you have exciting new ideas for WiMIR events or would like to get involved in discussions and organization of existing events, please be active at our group! For up-to-date information on WiMIR news and events please visit our blog.