Image versus Sequence Tagging

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Bethany Smith

Dec 13, 2021, 4:58:40 PM12/13/21
to Wildlife Insights
Hi there,

I wanted to post my question publicly in case other people are running into the same dilemma. 

I'm pretty sure I understand the difference between the Image and Sequence systems for tagging the photos (Image = all individual images tagged with what each image shows; Sequence = all images within a certain time of each other tagged with the same animal(s) even if some of the photos are blank for example). 

My issue is that I'd like to tag in a sort of hybrid way. I have instances where I might have red deer in front of a camera for 20 minutes and then a bear walks into the shot. If I understand correctly - if I tagged these as a Sequence I'd end up with data saying there was a bear there for the entire 20 minutes too, which isn't what I want. But, I do want to have the minimum number of individual animals tagged across a burst. So for example, a wolf pack moves past the camera and each photo only contains 2 animals but I can clearly see there were 7 individuals in total. I'd like to select the entire burst and label this as '7 x Canis lupus'. I could do this using an Image project and the burst feature, but I'm worried that if I start saying there are more animals per photo than there are this will mess up the training data and the AI. 

Can anybody from Wildlife Insights advise if this would be a problem / suggest a solution? 

Many thanks!

Wildlife Insights

Dec 22, 2021, 6:53:38 PM12/22/21
to Wildlife Insights

Hi Beth,

Apologies for the delayed response! Your understanding of Image and Sequence approaches is correct and it sounds like the need to record the size of the group would lend itself to the Sequence approach. I unfortunately don’t have a clean solution for you since there’s no way to tag in a hybrid way. I’d recommend using “Markings”, “Individual ID” or “Remarks” fields to capture any additional notes you have on the image or sequence if one of these scenarios comes up.

I’m curious if others in this group have recommendations?




Wildlife Insights Team

Bethany Smith

Dec 23, 2021, 8:16:27 AM12/23/21
to Wildlife Insights
Hi Nicole,

No problem at all, thanks for getting back to me. OK I don't want to mess with the AI by saying there are more animals per photo than there are, so when the total group size is larger than the number of individuals in each photo, I'll just add it as a remark. It doesn't happen too much in my project to be an issue (mainly just wolf packs, and human or wild boar groups moving past the camera). I wonder if adding a 'Group count' box as an option would be a solution? Then we could add a Count of individual animals per photo and a group/total count where needed?

Best wishes,

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Darcy Doran-Myers

Jan 20, 2022, 2:29:04 PMJan 20
to Wildlife Insights
I second Beth's request for a hybrid tagging option. I find that the number of animals often differs within a sequence. I also find that the last image in the sequence is often blank. For data organization, it would be better to be able to tag that last photo as "blank" rather than as containing an animal. 

The most intuitive way to implement this would be to allow the user to tag the whole sequence after they click on the sequence thumbnail. If they double-click on an individual photo within the sequence, they should then be able to tag just one photo differently than the entire sequence. 

Thanks for all the continual improvements. 


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