wikibook --> docbook : seeking a dev to comlpete the work

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Hugh McGuire

Jan 26, 2012, 9:49:32 AM1/26/12
Hello everybody,

I have a project, looking for a developer to take it on.

Short description is: completing the Wikibook--> Docbook transform … which I believe is about 75% complete, but somewhat out of date.

Longer description: 

* is an online book production tool, built on WordPress, and Wikipublisher.
* We output EPUB, and a typeset PDF (and some XML)
* The Typeset PDF is generated using Wikipublisher …in the following way: 
- we generate XHTML
- which we transoform into Wikibook.XML
- The Wikibook.xml is then fed into wikipublisher to generate the PDF

So, PressBooks produces valid Wikibook.xml …

But we would also like to produce DocBook.

The Wikibook.xml-->DocBook transform is about 75% build, but slightly out of date. We'd like to:

a) update & complete the transform script so that it outputs valid DocBook.

Interested in hearing more? 

Please contact me at


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