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Jim Tittsler

Oct 31, 2015, 3:47:10 AM10/31/15
to wikieducator-tech
I have updated a number of the legacy pedagogical templates (AKA
iDevices) today, in an attempt to bring a little more consistency (and
get them to agree with the documentation in the Quickstart guide :-).
I have also changed Template:E-tivity that had introduced two new
"embedded" iDevice types so that it instead uses existing types.

iDevice test page:
in an OERu course: http://w.oer.me/art/interactions/idevices/

I have NOT changed the title handling, so there are still 3 distinct
places a title is displayed in a legacy iDevice, different title
colors, and different content wrapping depending on the era. I have
also refrained from removing the negative top margin.

The effect of the changes should not be immediately obvious (except
for a few subtle line spacing and font cleanups) in a rendered wiki
page, but only in the HTML representations. This mostly matters for
reuse, such as in the OERu course "snapshot" scheme or my old LMS
packaging scheme. Of course if you do notice something newly broken as
a result of these cleanups, please tell me.


P.S. Please consider using Template:IDevice for all new work. It
removes most quirks and imposes a higher level of consistency in
pedagogical template rendering. If there is some need that it does not
meet compared to the legacy templates, please discuss it here on the
mailing list or at https://wikieducator.org/Template_talk:IDevice

Jim Tittsler Tokyo
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