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Gita Mathur

Apr 4, 2009, 5:38:35 AM4/4/09
to WikiEducator Teacher Collaboration Forum
All the teachers are welcome to join here and hold meaningful

Patricia Schlicht

Apr 4, 2009, 12:56:41 PM4/4/09
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Dear Teachers,

In addition to Gita's encouragements to come and join our new Teacher
Collaboration discussion forum, (thank you, Gita) let me also invite you
to check out the new Teacher Collaboration Portal created for teachers
on WikiEducator. It is intended as a platform to hold professional
development workshops, create content for use in the classroom, such as
for instance, student guides and teacher handouts that can be shared
among the global teacher communities, or develop a course specific to
your needs which will benefit the teaching experience for instance,
share knowledge or just come and learn from what has been posted. The
ideas will flow.

If anybody already has something that they would like to contribute to
this portal, feel free to upload or ask for help.

What I am hoping to see is that this platform will develop into an
active, creative and international platform of teachers for teachers who
can meet and learn from each others. It is a place where to enhance the
teachings in your classrooms, get inspired, trained, creative and
empowered for the benefit of your students and yourself.

The forum is open and un-facilitated, so anyone can take the lead for
their initiatives, and anyone can come in and register themselves. We as
a community are responsible for the posted content, so we will all keep
an eye out on this.

It would be fantastic if those that register in the discussion forum
would also go to "people" tab on the Teacher Collaboration webpage (link
below), to provide a few details, so in the end we will be able to see
how far our network reaches, It will also enable us to connect directly
and/or team up on likeminded ideas, to make this a reality.

I will invite all those teachers to the forum and the portal created on
WikiEducator who have joined us since January 2008 in any one of our
Learning4Content workshops, so this initiative might grow fast.

I encourage you to get the members of your faculties, schools and
different teaching institutions involved by providing them with an
introduction, the link to the teacher collaboration portal as well as
the link of the discussion forum, which can also be found on the portal.



Let's see where we get with these irst few steps.

Apologies for cross-posting

Warm wishes,


Apr 5, 2009, 8:30:27 AM4/5/09
to WikiEducator Teacher Collaboration Forum
This is a great idea!

I have been adding the materials for a workshop that we offer to
community collage faculty. I would like to share that and get others
to collaborate. This will be a good place for that.


Patricia Schlicht

Apr 5, 2009, 2:03:33 PM4/5/09
to wikieducator-teacher...@googlegroups.com
Wow, Valerie, love your response. Maybe we have something here.

Warm regards,

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