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We would like to invite you to join our new Teacher Collaboration Portal Collaboration and Google Groups Discussion Forum, which was created to provide teachers on WikiEducator with a platform to share knowledge, to develop content and lesson plans specific to their needs,  all to benefit their teaching experience and/or to use in their classrooms, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and hold professional development workshops.


If you already have open educational resources which you would like to contribute to this portal, feel free to upload it on to the above site or ask any of the mangers for help.

What we are hoping to see is that this platform will develop into an active, creative and international platform of teachers for teachers who can meet and learn from each other. It is a place where to enhance the teachings in your classrooms, get inspired, trained, creative and empowered for the benefit of your students and yourself.

When accepting the link that came embedded in the email we sent to you, you were added to the forum. You will be able to customise your entry on this Discussion Forum. Kindly also list your details under the "People" tab on the website above, so in the end we will be able to see how far our network has reached.


We encourage you to get the members of your faculties, schools and different teaching institutions involved by providing them with an introduction, the link to the teacher collaboration portal as well as the link of the discussion forum, which can also be found on this page.