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Sep 22, 2010, 12:30:38 AM9/22/10
to, Wayne Mackintosh

Dear friends in the WE Council,

Namste! Bid adieu!

Let me convey my in depth gratitude for the faith you have shown in me by adopting me to the WE Council and the consequent opportunity to  experience and experiment with the online governance system for the past one year. It was a wonderful experience to explore the possibilities and extremes of this new system.
I would like to assure you, from my experience, it is the ideal system for an OER development and delivery initiative.

Dhanyavad! Thank you !

Warm regards



Sep 22, 2010, 10:09:29 AM9/22/10
to, Wayne Mackintosh
That was fast - indeed our 1-year terms are up. It has been a privilege to serve with all of you on the WE council. Our council meetings have been a unique experience for me in an open group governance process - thank you for this opportunity to contribute and to learn from each of you.
WE is a vibrant community and I'm proud to be part of it. Go WE!
- Chris 
Christine Geith, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost
Michigan State University

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Randy Fisher

Sep 22, 2010, 10:46:38 AM9/22/10
to, Wayne Mackintosh
Hi All,

I thought the term was 2 years. 2008 - 2010.

- Randy
Randy Fisher, MA, OMD
Senior Consultant, OD/Change Management, Social Media, E-Learning, Collaboration & Performance
Intersol Group, Canada

Senior Consultant, Organization & Capacity Development
International Centre for Open Education / OER Foundation, New Zealand

Elected Member, WikiEducator Community Council,
+1 613.722.5577 (EST)
Skype: wikirandy

Facilitating organizational learning, change, online collaboration and engagement

  • Stakeholder/Community Engagement & Project Implementation
  • Change & Transition Management
  • E-Learning, Online Collaboration & Learning Communities
  • Social Media
  • Coaching & Facilitation
  • My Bio:

Vincent Kizza

Sep 22, 2010, 11:10:20 AM9/22/10
to, Wayne Mackintosh
Hi All,
        It has ,so far, been such a great "virtual" time! How about the council resolving to meet at least once in its life time face to face? There should be a way out of the cost hiccup. Virtual is good.....but face to face is better,so I think!

Vincent Kizza

--- On Wed, 22/9/10, Randy Fisher <> wrote:

Wayne Mackintosh

Sep 23, 2010, 12:06:28 AM9/23/10
Hi Everyone

Thanks Anil, Chris, Vincent and Randy for your comments.

A brief update and confirmation on how we will manage the term of office of nominated members.

Term of office

First, its too soon to bid adieu or say farewell ;-).

The effective dates for the determination of the term of office of members of the Council must be determined by Council resolution and consequently the dates of our meetings. The term of office for nominated members is 1 year -- however, the first was always going to be the hardest in getting the cycle right and I suspect that we may have been overly optimistic in what could realistically be achieved within a year. 

WikiEducator continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, we successfully administered a server migration of a top 100K site, implemented rich text editing and established the core infrastructure for a new non-profit entity.  This was done with only 2 full-time staff members -- but thankfully huge donations in volunteer time from the community. 

With apology from my desk, the preparations and scheduling for our next Council meeting have been delayed and in terms of our workload - -I don't see this happening before November.  The inertia in setting up a new non-profit Foundation and getting our recruitment drive in place has been very rewarding --- but the downside has been very little time for me to action the steps which are necessary for preparing for our next meeting.

With your permission, I request your patience and understanding to continue the term of office of nominated members until our next meeting when we can formerly take the necessary decisions. We also have three vacancies and we will need to plan for elections and the appropriate mechanisms to plan for continuity while balancing the need for rotation.

Face-to-face meeting

Vincent -- I couldn't agree more. A face-to-face meeting would be amazing. Let's continue our funding drives and seek sponsorship for bringing the Community Council together. In the mean time we will need to refine our open and online meeting skills :-).

OER Foundation & how you can help in recruiting members

The OER Foundation is off to a great start. This is best reflected by the continued growth of the WikiEducator family, exceeding predicted targets based on historical growth projections. Consider, for example, that WikiEducator today has more edits and legitimate content pages than the English Wikiversity -- not that we are competing  (frankly we need a hundred Wikiverstiies and WikiEducators to succeed in providing open education resources in support of all national curricula). Nonetheless -- this growth is an indicator that the formal sector is not only "sharing to learn" but we are helping educators in "learning to share" through the WikiEducator model. We have exceeded our training targets by 100% -- that is, training more educators at the half-way point than we targeted for our Hewlett Grant supporting this global training initiative. 

If you haven't had chance to read the inaugural report of the OERF Board of Directors -- please download a copy.

At this time, our most important objective is to get the word out and help recruit members -- this is where members of the Community Council can play a significant role -- WE need your help in building sustainable OER ecosystems.

Consider that it cost US$35 million to set up MIT OpenCourseWare and more than US$11 million to establish OpenLearn at the British Open University. MIT OCW indicates that it costs $3.5million per annum to run the project,

 These costs are beyond the reach of most institutions, however, membership of the OER Foundation is an affordable strategy to get the most from OER futures for many organisations. The Donor partner level is $200. Moreover, the dollar value of the training services we provide exceeds the cost of our most expensive membership category -- not too mention our international networking. You can help by getting the word out -- all the information is available in the wiki.  See for example:

Help spread the word and talk with organisations you interact with -- you can help us recruit contributing members.

The OER Foundation offers a unique value proposition – the ability for individual institutions to launch their own scalable but affordable institution-based OER initiatives. WE provide free training and support for staff at these institutions to do this utilising economies-of-scale derived from our large international community network to help these institutions achieve their objectives using OER. There is also the FTE4Wikieducator model where we seek sponsorships for institutions who may not be able to afford membership fees.

Progress so far has been slow but steady -- the following institutions have confirmed their membership so far:

  • Athabasca University
  • BCcampus
  • the Commonwealth of Learning
  • Empire State College (State University of New York)
  • Massey University (New Zealand)
  • MSUglobal (Michigan State University)
  • National University of Samoa
  • Otago Polytechic and
  • the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges
Open Access Week 2010

The OER Foundation and WikiEducator will be participating actively in this year's Open Access Week activities. We've not publicised this on the lists yet -- just waiting to get an autmated registration link working -- but an early heads up that this is on the agenda. If there are any of our international OER gurus who would like to schedule a webinar presentation --- let me know. See:

The OER Foundation is also planning the launch of -- a space for collaborative planning of research ideas and projects,  execution of collaborative research, and finally dissemination of research findings through peer review channels in the open access and open science communities. If we're lucky and ready, we can announce this during open access week :-). We're keen to promote better collaboration between the OER and OA communities.

Lots happening if you haven't been watching the recent changes list in WikiEducator.

Wayne Mackintosh, Ph.D.
Director OER Foundation
Director, International Centre for Open Education,
Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.
Founder and elected Community Council Member, Wikieducator
Mobile +64 21 2436 380
Skype: WGMNZ1
Twitter: OERFoundation, Mackiwg

Sanjaya Mishra

Sep 23, 2010, 6:42:34 AM9/23/10
Dear Wayne,
Thanks for the mail, and a detailed update. I was also wondering about the membership in the Council, as a nominated member. So, thanks for the clarification.
All the best for the OA week. I am sure it will be a great success.
with regards, Sanjaya

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Sanjaya Mishra, PhD

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