Tagging and multitag search plugin [free to steal]

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Alex Morozov

Dec 20, 2018, 6:05:08 AM12/20/18
to wikidpad-devel
Sup, people. Made some funny stuff for myself. Maybe some of you could use it too. I don't speak Python, my code may stink, but it works. And works good enougth for me.


searchtags supports "+" and "|" for OR, "*" and "&" for AND, "^" for XOR, "-" for SUB and "~" for unary NOT, and braces "()" for priority manipulation.
You can't use whitespaces in tags due to Wikidpad limitations, and don't try to use "~" more than once in a row.

I'd put it to trac.wikidpad2.webfactional.com if i could edit the wiki but i cant.
Welp, good luck
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