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Graham Harris

Jun 5, 2019, 12:18:35 AM6/5/19
to wikidpad-devel

Suddenly WikidPad (2.3beta16) is making hyperlinks out of tails of words.

For example, I have a page named REST and from another page, the word interest is shown as having the 'rest' part highlighted and if you click on it, you go to the page REST.

That's by no means a rare thing, suddenly. On the page with interest I count a dozen other words with these same sorts of highlighted fragments - always the tail of the word. It also seems that page rendering suddenly slows down.

I just found the trigger too: on yet another page I recently defined an [alias: "‰"].

If I remove that alias (leaving the ‰ symbol but not within the [alias: ])

I can reproduce this, back and forth.

If it affects the ‰ symbol, i am reasonably sure it must affect other glyphs too. So I'm thinking some function being called is not Unicode-ready. Anyone got any idea where?

For reference, I use [global.font: Bitstream Vera Sans] in my Wiki Settings page (on Linux).

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Graham Harris

Jun 5, 2019, 12:26:05 AM6/5/19
to wikidpad-devel
I mean of course

If I remove that alias (leaving the ‰ symbol but not within the [alias: ]) then the problem goes away- I re-save the page with 'interest' and it's no longer highlighted.
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