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Apr 11, 2011, 6:11:14 PM4/11/11
Hi, I am doing some work with non-proft watershed councils and
Bonneville Environmental Foundation. We want to create a database to
be shared amongst councils at multiple locations. Originally the ideas
was to have someone develop it in MS Access so that can easily talk
with our geodatabases. The database will have to be used by 2 or 3
Watershed Council staff with little experience and little IT support.
Trying to figure out the best platform (if that's the correct word) to
do this in. Should we be using Access? Others have also suggested
postgresSQL. I really am more of a GIS person and don't know delve
that much into database issues, nor do i know much about the open
source world - wondering if anyone out there is versed in this and
could write back or chat on the phone for a few minutes. Any advice
would be much appreciated. Also, may be looking for someone to hire
to do this, so recommendations would also be appreciated.
Jill Ory
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