Is there possible To Add AjaxComponent In jQuery Kendo UI DataView?

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Steven Lin

Jun 2, 2017, 10:36:01 AM6/2/17
to wicket-jquery-ui

I used "com.googlecode.wicket.kendo.ui.repeater.dataview.DataView" object for rendering Kendo UI ListView and I want to add an AjaxComponent, e.g. AjaxLink, to each rowItem, user can click the link to open a MessageWindow and passed parameters to it. I saw no method to do in API doc, is this possible?

Best Regards,
Steven Lin


Jun 3, 2017, 9:52:59 AM6/3/17
Hi Steven,

When playing with kendo-ui datasource-based-widgets, you need to realize that all the loop/processing/rendering will occur client side. So, you cannot add an AjaxLink to each "rowItem" as you would do with standard wicket containers/listitems.

You have 2 options :
- use a custom template (see #newTemplate), supply an ajax-behavior callback url (you have to add it to the holding component) followed by the row id.
- use the build-in onChange event which will occurs as soon as an item is clicked/selected. You just have to pass this option: new Options("selectable", Options.asString("single"))

Hope this helps,

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