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Karishma Pais

Apr 10, 2012, 2:26:12 AM4/10/12
From: El Mastaba Center For Egyptian Folk Music <>

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El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music April  2012



The Bedouin Jerry Can Band at Womadelaide 2009
The Bedouin Jerry Can Band at Womadelaide 2009



The bedouin jerrycan band represent the true essence of Sinai music as they use israeli Jerry-cans and Ammunition boxes as percussion that relate back to the war of 1973 Dont miss their concert next thursday april 12th  at ElTanbura Hall.



It has always been our creed that music is the most fundamental element in connecting peoples and nations, and in creating bridges among different cultures.

Therefore, El Mastaba Center is committed, non-stop, to promoting Egyptian folk music on both local and global scales through presenting the bands in our network to the world.

In this context, the Center enthusiastically introduces to Cairo audiences a diverse range of folk music bands which reflect the diverse cultures of Egypt's identity. These bands represent the Suez Canal Zone, the Delta, Nubia, Sudanese minorities, Sufi and Zar practitioners and last, but not least, the Bedouins of North Sinai.


 Bedouin Jerry-can Band


(BJB) is a collective of semi-nomadic musicians,poets, storytellers and coffee grinders from the Egyptian Sinai desert. Membersare drawn from residents of El Arish, an oasis city lying on the Mediterraneancoast of Sinai and from followers of a Sufi sect of the Suwarka tribe whoreside at the nearby settlement of Abo El Hossain.

The group's songs and poetry recall the exploits of the ancient Arabian Bedouintribes through stories from Sinai, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Arabian Gulfrecounting boundless generosity to guests, fables about trusty camels, warningsof the dastardly deeds of sheep rustlers and tales of unrequited love for thegirl with beautiful eyes in the next settlement.

Blending the Simsimiyya (a traditional Egyptian lyre) with desert flutes andreed pipes, BJB perform traditional melodies accompanied by infectious rhythmsplayed on tablas, frame drums and clay jugs; augmented by ammunition boxes& jerry can percussion salvaged from the former battlegrounds of theSix-day War of 1973


The concert starts at 9.00 p.m.

Tickets are available at the entrance for 20 LE



For more information get in touch with El Mastaba:




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El Tanboura Hall: 30 A El Balaqsa Str. Abidin- Downtown - Cairo
قاعة الطنبورة: 30 ا شارع البلاقسة - عابدين - القاهرة 

For more information, please call 01150995354
للاستعلام برجاء الاتصال على 01150995354

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