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Jul 13, 2010, 4:49:38 AM7/13/10
to Womack Genealogy Discussion
I got an e-mail about automatic renewal from footnote dated 10:41 12
Jul 2010 - The renewal was to be effective
th 12th - Now the time is 1 hr 19mins from the end of the day - I
chaecked my bank account and they had alerady
sent the deduction to my account.

I was not given an opportunity to accept or decline renewal - I have
sent them an e-mail telling them not to renew and to refund any thing
deducted from my account - Of course, they will hem and haw and stall
as much as they can. I am also going to the bank first thing in the
morn to try to get them to stop or recover.

I will be forwarding copies of the correspondence and bank statement o
the Federal Trade Commission charging Footnote with fraudulent and
deceptive business practices; and , further suggest they impose under
the fair business and trade act, that a 7 business day notice be sent
prior to any such subscription or any other similiar
account renewal..

Any of you can use them at your own risk. I am just laying out my
experience with them

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