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May 4, 2008, 3:26:48 PM5/4/08
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My entire life, I beliseved my grandfather was Roy Sisemore. When I
turned 18 yrs old, my father told me that my grandmother told him on
her deathbed that his real father was named frank womack. My father
was born in Upton California. My grandmother's maiden name was Clara
Mckelvey, her married name was Clara Sisemore. She and her husband
Roy both worked for the sherriff's department. My father was born on
July 9, 1951. My mother believes his rcords were tampered with,
listing a birth weight of two lbs, something my grandmother's sister
claims is false. So Frank would have been with Clara late fall of
1950. We believe my father's records were altered, b/c every time,
over the years of his marriage to my mother, that he would request a
birth certificate from Upton, it would come back female. If anyone
knows anything, please let me know. There are also weird rumors of a
second marriage to frank womack, without being divorced, and my
grandfather telling my grandmother to come home or have the baby in
jail for bigamy!

Thanks in advance!
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