[WG-CloudIDSec] IDaaS Assurance - Meeting with G-Cloud team: 17th July

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Neil McEvoy

May 26, 2014, 11:18:14 AM5/26/14
to wg-clo...@kantarainitiative.org, Joni Brennan

Howdy IDaaS team & Joni

I have started the process of organizing a London best practice workshop around the theme of Digital Government, including a specific focus on Identity Assurance and innovations in this field, ie IDaaS.

As my first registered attendee has been Tony Singleton, Dep Director for G-Cloud and Digital Government, it's off to a good start! :-)

Naturally I also thought this could also be a great opportunity for a Kantara workshop/ showcase event too, hence the mail. 

This would be a good way to finalize our first main deliverable from the IDaaS group, which would be to define how the IDaaS might be audited by Kantara / UK Govt Identity Assurance procedures etc.

Kind regards,


Colin Wallis

May 26, 2014, 11:48:28 PM5/26/14
to Neil McEvoy, wg-clo...@kantarainitiative.org, Joni Brennan
Hi Neil

Wow that *is* bold..organizing a workshop remotely. Never easy.

So the new ventures are UK ventures, yes? Or Canadian?
There may be relevance for some of the alpha pilots being run as part of IDAP, to present here as well.

Do you know if any G-Cloud providers provide IDaaS? I haven't checked..

Re the Kantara piece, Joni is on vacation I think, and I am trying wrack my brains on what the final agreement was in Munich, on next dates. July is in holiday season so that may be a factor for some, so I don't think there was anything planned until September or so. Mid July-ish is quite short notice (6 weeks away, and there are Bylaws about the minimum notice for F2F meetings) but maybe members who are UK based, could help there.

Great first sign-up!


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Neil McEvoy

May 27, 2014, 4:06:40 AM5/27/14
to Colin Wallis, Joni Brennan, wg-clo...@kantarainitiative.org

I have come to learn that life works best when you don't waste time on any projects that aren't bold...

Also when Tony offered the date I knew it was one of those not to be missed things, agree it now and make it work later kind of thing. I think there is a uniquely powerful window of opportunity for involvement in key areas like IDaaS definitions for the G-Cloud program, especially since $50m RFPs are getting underway at the same time.

The charter for this group includes producing RFP template materials for IDaaS etc., so I'd suggest now is our time to mobilize this project into a second gear by looking at these kinds of actions and meeting in mind.

cheers, Neil.
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