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Kantara Initiative

Jul 25, 2016, 9:57:10 AM7/25/16
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Here's a July update from the Kantara Initiative.
Here's a July update from the Kantara Initiative.
July 2016
Sign the pledge and support a collaborative approach to professionalizing the digital identity industry.
Executive Director's Corner
After becoming an autonomous entity in January, Kantara Initiative has kept very busy. Just after these last few months, we're coming out of an incredible events season with experiences like the Cloud Identity Summit in New Orleans and our working and discussion groups are making incredible strides in their meetings. Plus, I reached a personal milestone: 100 days as the Kantara Initiative Executive Director. What a ride!
It's been both an honor and a pleasure to see Kantara build velocity and momentum across all its initiatives - such as ID Pro and Blockchain Smart Contracts, UMA and Consent Receipt. The community is reacting in a very positive way. More announcements are coming that will bring greater value to members and participant prospective members alike.
Colin Wallis, Executive Director
Full Director's Corner
The ID Pro Pledge
In May, we launched the ID Pro Pledge
Maps Graphic
We've already grown to 280 pledges and counting.
We have pledgees based in more than 25 countries with more than 80 unique titles, from CEO to Member. The pledgees both represent themselves (68.7%) and represent their organization (31.3%). This diverse group of identity professionals guarantees unique insight as well as the necessity of a common standard.
Quote Graphics
Your Support 
"Kantara is the perfect place to coalesce the industry of identity management professionals, and help the next generation get access to the mentors and leaders needed to facilitate development."
"A long overdue initiative."
"Kantara - the missing voice and binding force for identity professionals."
What's Next
Be on the lookout for a survey coming your way. We're looking to learn more about the challenges you face in the industry and what you would like to see in ID Pro's vision and mission. For now, the pledge remains open, so sign and share.
Sign the Pledge
Blockchain and Smart Contracts Discussion Group
We launched the Blockchain and Smart Contracts (BSC) Discussion Group with the intention of initiating a broad discussion on various aspects of smart contracts and blockchain systems. This came soon after Bitcoin piqued interest in permissioned blockchain systems' various uses.
Smart contracts incorporate real-time input which paper contracts cannot. This is helpful when contracts incorporate stocks, weather, or IoT sensors, to name a few.
To get involved, you can join the discussion group here and see all that the discussion group has to offer.
Working and Discussion Group Updates
June was a great month for our working groups, specifically the User-Managed Access Working Group who re-elected chairs, vice-chair, and UX editors Eve, Maciej, and Domenico, respectively. In addition to his role as vice-chair, Maciej took on the role of UMA Dev WG Liaison. The group also took over maintenance of the UMA Implementations page. The Identity Relationship Management Working Group is focusing on revising the Principles of IRM and set a goal for September.
If you're looking to get involved, click here. You can learn how to get involved with our various working and discussion groups.      
Our Connected Life Group:
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Identity Relationship Management
  • User-Managed Access
  • Consent and Information Sharing
  • Identities of Things 
Our Trust Services Group:
  • Identity Assurance
  • Health Identity Assurance
  • eGovernment
  • Federation Interoperability
Remember that our Groups’ primary purpose is to capture the best ideas in the identity, privacy and personal data space and where feasible, mold them into service components and Programs that add real practical value to the digital economy by giving folks greater confidence in their security and privacy.
If you have ideas about what kind of new services and apps would make for better privacy and security online, please let us know. With your permission we will publish them in the next newsletter.     
KIPI: What is It and How Can You Participate?
The Kantara Identity and Privacy Incubator (KIPI) funds applied research and advanced development projects to improve digital identity management in real-world situations.
Kantara has teamed up with the Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA) out of Rutgers University and the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology for this effort. Specific areas of interest and current R&D needs include:
  • Authentication of people and non-person entities
  • Risk-based confirmation of identity that leads to trust
  • Data and application security at rest and in transit
  • Access control at the point of need
  • User experience incorporating security, privacy, and informed consent
  • Privacy respecting anomaly detection and counter-fraud technologies with population scale applicability
  • Additional areas as may be defined as interests emerge
After selection, the research pilots will develop prototype solutions with the potential for commercialization that can be used by both government and business to deliver better services to citizens and customers. 
If you think your research qualifies, you can apply for the award here. 
There are potential business opportunities for members to partner with KIPI projects, such as investment, pilots, investigator/researcher and project management. 
It Takes a Village: Identity Assurance - the Program that builds Trust into Online Services
Kantara is a Trust Framework Provider, approved by the US Federal Government's Identity and Access Management (ICAM), which accredits Assessors and Approve Credential and Component Service Providers (CSPs) at Levels of Assurance 1, 2 and 3 to issue and manage trusted credentials for ICAM and industry Trust Framework ecosystems. The Levels of Assurance are based on the binding Memo 0404 EO 2003 (Section 2.1 Assurance Levels and Risk Assessments).
KI operates an assessment and approval program, our Identity and Assurance Program, based on the Identity Assurance Framework that assesses the operating standards of CSPs against strict criteria, and grants to applicants the right to use the Kantara Trust Mark for a 3-year cycle. KI members have the opportunity to profile the core identity Assurance Framework for applicability to their specific communities of trust. For more information on how the program operates, download our Assurance Assessment Scheme (v5.0).
KI fees and time periods depend on how many employees the company has and the service to be performed.
What do you get?
  • Access to staff and documentation resources
  • Assurance Review Board - questions and consultation
  • Use of KI Trustmark
  • All the KI membership benefits: sharing resources, access to all WGs
  • Access to the Trust Framework Solution Stakeholders Meetings
Apply here or email secre...@kantarainitiative.org to join our list of Kantara Approved CSPs and Accredited Assessors. Join the ranks of MedAllies, Experian, Zygma, and more.
We Need You: Looking for Volunteers
We are looking for Kantara member volunteers or collegiate interns wanting work experience, to donate 5-10 hours of their time each week. Our organization is growing quickly and we need assistance on a range of projects including project management and administrative work. We will recognize your efforts and show our appreciation and gratitude. All interested volunteers, please email st...@kantarainitiative.org. 
Miss a Recent Kantara Event?
Have you looked at our SlideShare recently? We have lots of updates about Kantara Initiative as well as our experience at the Cloud Identity Summit and other events in case you weren't able to attend.
Take a look:
We Want to Hear From You, 
Kantara Initiative is open and welcoming feedback around what we can do to be more valuable towards members. This is the first newsletter in a series we will be publishing in the coming months to keep members updated on our exciting progress. Please send questions and comments to st...@kantarainitiative.org. 
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