What is a Workflow?

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Oct 18, 2008, 3:01:36 PM10/18/08
to WfXML
At the OGC OWS-6 Kickoff meeting in Fairfax Virginia this week, Keith
Swenson asked me a very interesting question (although I did not think
so at the time):

In YOUR Opinion, What Is A Workflow?

It does not seem like much of a question but a whole industry is
building on this.
So the question deserves an answer.

Let's ask further questions:

1. Is a shell script scheduling jobs a workflow?
2. Can workflows be written directly in Java, Ruby, Python or Perl...?
3. Is a graphical flowchart required?
4. Should end-users care about workflows? Aren't they Higher level
RPC calls after all? Not very RESTFul...so they should looked at from
a different perspective?

By the way, flat answers (and non personal so please do not refer to

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