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Tim Teehan

May 18, 2022, 12:33:41 PMMay 18
Dave and Dan I agree with you totally. First Dave in response to people being able to voice opinions, questions concerns; everyone should have that ability without fear of backlash. By your posting that concern we have had a healthy discussion including education about our aging bodies .

 In addition Dan's right up about our age and ability to recover and get prepared is Right On Target. Having worked in the healthcare field for 50 years and a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology as we age Things become more of a challenge. But the fact we are out here playing softball is testament to our choice not to allow our ages to dictate our ability to do things. Thank you all. Ps though so far this season I haven't not had the Opportunity  to "sprint" around the bases as much as I hope to, I do practice sprinting 3-4 time 😀 

On Wed, May 18, 2022, 2:06 AM <> wrote:
Dan Marti Wells <>: May 13 01:36PM -0400

There is zero debate, that if anyone at any age cares to compete and minimize injury, that conditioning is essential. However and remember I said “zero debate” around conditioning, the most well ...more
Dave <>: May 17 03:36PM -0400

Why if this still going?
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Dan Marti Wells

May 18, 2022, 10:16:52 PMMay 18
to Western Mass Relics
Good Evening, feeling censored, is not comforting nor encourages open discussion.. nuff said.. I thank those that support free and appropriate conversation and RELICS health has always come first both in the addressing  and providing alterations to the rule book to protect us.

 I would like to suggest the two words that need to be part of the discussion around injury and circumstances, like the Double Header or games with lots of walks or lots of runs.   Down time or idle time, whether due to bench time or in the field causes players like ourselves, whose muscles fatigue quickly and recover slowly, to be more susceptible to injury. In the case of folks that fall into the age category of we, “RELICS”,  being well past our prime, and in addition to those ailments that most of us bring with us to field are: FATIGUE and RECOVERY….

Players putting out bursts of energy in our age group suffer more injury than those in their prime.. conditioning is a dam good hedge. However, it doesn’t answer ALL the questions surrounding the double Header topic. I think that the Law of Probability in combination with Fatigue and Recovery cause a higher risk of injury the longer a game goes on.  And, I think that there is a multiplier effect when playing double headers…

Lastly, before I nap, take Advil, rub some voodoo juice on my limbs and drive to the Fish, I think in the coming years when schedules are developed, those much smarter than I might b able to manage an accommodation to recover lost playing time in “other ways”.  

Thanks again for restoring my faith in open and honest and appropriate discussion on this site.

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