New and Improved Bike to Work Day in the West End and a couple challenges

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Anders Swanson

Jun 21, 2011, 1:09:36 AM6/21/11
to West Central Commuter Cyclists

Apologies for the multiple postings about this event, especially if you've already signed up... but I'll be creative. 
Besides, this year there is a local flavour to bike to work day that you should find interesting. 

For the first time, the party is being "brought to you", so to speak. 

Thanks to many new community partners, there are dozens of pit-stops throughout the city this year, instead of just five, meaning that you won't have to detour much (if at all) to stop by a pit stop, grab free snacks and coffee, win some prizes and t-shirts, add to your ever-growing pamphlet collection, etc.. Most of them run from 6:30-9:30. There will be tons of copies of the new free cycling map. You can also lounge in the grass (where applicable), meet others, get mechanical help, finish your crossword puzzle, do some lunges, call in sick at the last minute, . . . whatever you want, really. Face it: Working sucks no matter what way you look at it, but at least you'll be up and on your bike.  Friday June 24th is a chance to take a minute or two extra to enjoy the moment. 

I count four pit stops in our area alone, including the Health Sciences Centre, Omands Creek Park, Orioles Bike Cage and out by the airport on the Yellow Ribbon Greenway. 
Check out the West End on the interactive map to find a pit stop convenient for you.  (Check out the new infrastructure. Note: Sherbrook is shown on there due to a Google error. That's Google's fault. Hopefully that gets going soon for real.)

_ _ _ 

Ideally, on friday, bikes outnumber the cars. Just for one day. Wouldn't that be great? 

Don't forget to register. Do it for the grand prize. Do it for the helpful survey.  Do it. You know you want to. 

Even if you're not working on that day, if you bike to work, feel free to register: Just because your have the day off - or work shift work - it doesn't mean nobody loves you..... You deserve a chance to win too. Likewise, if you work at home, but bike everywhere else, register. Take a 5 minute break and go around the block, that'll count. Don't forget parents raising kids: obviously that's work too. If you ditch the backseat for the Burley occasionally, feel free to register too. Lastly, if you pedal a Dickie Dee cart, cycle-rickshaw or are a bike courier, you are technically biking "at" work not "to" work, but hey. Arguably, you should probably get something special. For now, feel free to register too.

Oh yeah: All are welcome to the BBQ at the Forks afterward. Think hot dogs, bike valet, cold refreshments, etc.. 


Convince just one person you know who has never tried it to bike to work. If necessary, sweeten the pot by getting up a bit early, and riding with them. If you think a free t-shirt is the only thing required to seal the deal, talk to an organizer you know (hint hint). We might be able to "work something out" considering such special circumstances. 

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