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Apr 5, 2012, 3:45:17 PM4/5/12
to West Central Commuter Cyclists

This information may be of interest to you or your branch members and
my contact details in case they require advice or further information.
Cycle helmets tend to have a higher accident rate acording to some
info and a higher impact rate than a bare head and this detracts from
the expected benefits. Helmets are often made of a fairly weak /light
material and soon break and therefore many cyclists assume they
provide benefit when left with a broken helmet. Helmet laws discourage
cycling – a big health negative, they result in many fines and remove
freedom of conscious to decide as an individual.

I gather that bicycle helmet legislation is being seriously considered
and this would have harmful effects. Information about bicycle helmets
can be viewed at;

This year the New Zealand Medical Journal published my report
“Evaluation of New Zealand’s bicycle helmet law” It concluded, “This
evaluation finds the helmet law has failed in aspects of promoting
cycling, safety, health, accident compensation, environmental issues
and civil liberties.” So what might seem to be a good idea had a very
negative outcome.


The report “Evaluating bicycle helmet use and legislation in Canada”
may be of interest. It reported, “Comparing provinces with helmet
legislation to provinces without for the period 1994 to 1998 shows a
relative net benefit for those without legislation. It appears helmet
legislation has not provided the benefits expected, infringes civil
liberties and has caused more harm than good.”


Additional information is at;


Good luck with your cycling, if you wear one or not, I don't think
overall they make that much difference. It just whatever people
prefer. More people that cycle make cycling safer due to better
provision, more considerate drivers and laws that suit cycling. Anyone
with the spare time to oppose helmet laws?

Regards Colin Clarke
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