Do you plan on using haskell commercially?

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Tim Matthews

Aug 9, 2010, 9:50:14 PM8/9/10
to Wellington Functional Programming UG
I would really like to have the opportunity to use haskell in real
commercial solutions but most of the existing uses seem to be from
financial companies where some employers have convinced there boss on
haskell adoption. Do you see potential in a new startup that relies
heavily on haskell? I think just another 'web site shop' may not be
such a good idea because the market could be too saturated and the
benefits of using haskell may not be so apparent to the client.

Do you think there is a opportunity for a company that specializes in
reliable, low bug rate software especially considering that dangerous
systems such as air trafic control jobs written in C++ are popping up
on seek and companies like jade are selling to docks, railways and
healthcare among many other things?

I have a passion for haskell development and with a lack of haskell
vacancies around, I have been considering applying to a business
incubator even though I have zero business experience. I would greatly
appreciate any thoughts that pop in to your head.


Tim Matthews,
Software Developer -- Christchurch, New Zealand

Stephen Blackheath [to Wellington-FP]

Aug 11, 2010, 5:19:14 PM8/11/10

That's how I feel so for the last year I've been working on BloodKnight,
a video game for the iPhone with an American start-up. I live in Manawatu.

I'm also working on a secret project, which isn't funded. I don't have
any great ideas, but I'd be very pleased to do any Haskell work that was
funded. I am doing about 70% Haskell work, but I would be happier if it
was 100%. I'm already spread a bit thin with non-funded projects, so
I'm not really in a position to just join you in a startup venture.

Hamish and I have tossed a few ideas around but nothing serious has come
out of it yet. So, basically Hamish and I are like-minded and so we
should all keep our minds open, and see what we can come up with. Life
is definitely too short not to use Haskell in your day job.


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