GSoC project involving Erlang and Xapian

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Olly Betts

Apr 3, 2011, 6:16:59 AM4/3/11
to Wellington Functional Programming UG
Hello functioneers!

Xapian ( is a mentoring organisation in Google's
Summer of Code ( this year.

We've had a proposal from a student to implement wrappers to allow
Xapian to be used from Erlang. This seems an interesting project,
and the proposal seems pretty good, but none of the current mentors know
Erlang all that well, so we're not sure how to judge the approach he
plans to take. We're also a bit concerned about what happens if he gets
stuck with Erlang issues and we can't help.

Is anyone with Erlang experience interested in looking over his
proposal, and perhaps also in helping to mentor him if his application
is one of the best N we get? We can provide the Xapian expertise.

Feel free to mail me off-list.



Apr 4, 2011, 12:33:54 AM4/4/11
hi olly,

good to hear that there is actually some erlang interest from students
- that is music in my ears.

I have erlang code in production and know erlang enough to hack
something together that works and (un)surprisingly even scales :-) i
am for sure no in-depth pro in erlang but at least i have done a fair
share of erlang development and would certainly be happy to have a
look at the concepts and should be able to help out if someone gets

i am always happy to help out and would actually be interested in
xapian bindings from erlang for a small side project of mine :-)


twitter: @norbu09
current project:

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