How to use wee_debug for a single model? | Comment utiliser wee_debug pour un seul modèle ?

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Sep 1, 2021, 10:09:38 AMSep 1
to weewx-user
Je voudrais tester un (et un seul) modèle (page.html.tmpl) avec wee_debug, mais la documentation est assez succincte quand au contenu du fichier config.
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I would like to test one (and only one) template (page.html.tmpl) with wee_debug, but the documentation is quite succinct when it comes to the contents of the config file.
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Sep 1, 2021, 7:31:55 PMSep 1
to weewx-user
Do you mean wee_reports or wee_debug? wee_debug generates a report that provides key system config info as well as a sanitised version of weewx.conf; it really does nothing for reports/skins other that listing (in the sanitised weewx.conf) which skins are included and enabled.

wee_reports will 'run' all enabled skins in your weewx.conf [StdReport] stanza. wee_reports does not let you (simply) limit this to a single template in a single skin. I am assuming you only wish to generate the single file so as to not overwrite other generated files, if so you are probably best served by creating a new dummy WeeWX config file based on your existing weewx.conf but with HTML_ROOT set to a different location and then run wee_reports with that config file. Another variation is to limit that dummy config file to a single skin that contains just your template of concern. I am sure there are other variations as well.

Or perhaps I have completely mis-understood what you are trying to do.



Sep 2, 2021, 4:50:02 AMSep 2
to weewx-user
Yes, wee_reports, not debug, I got tangled brushes.
However, the syntax --config=CONFIG_FILE seems to allow the use of another configuration which could be limited to one template? I quote : " Run all reports defined in the specified configuration file. Use this utility to run reports immediately instead of waiting for the end of an archive interval. "

It is interesting to test a model. because if it is included in the mass and it buggy, all the reports are blocked, and the site is not updated.

Best regards and thank you!
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