Weewx inside of a Proxmox Linux Container (USB Passthru)

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Mar Tin

Sep 15, 2021, 5:19:34 AMSep 15
to weewx-user

I would like to install weewx in an Ubuntu Linux container under Proxmox. The installation worked. Now I would like to set up the driver for the TE923 station.
If I connect the station to a normal Linux PC, weewx can read out the station. This is not yet possible with the Linux container. To do this, I have to forward the USB device from the server to the container.

But I have not yet understood how the driver can find the station via USB. Which device do I have to forward to the container?

Can someone explain to me how the driver finds the station under Linux?

Doug Jenkins

Sep 15, 2021, 9:58:19 AMSep 15
to weewx-user
I do not believe you can do a device passthrough in a proxmox container. Proxmox uses LXC containers which do not have the ability to pass a device through. 

By default, USB will not passthrough to VMs in proxmox, you need to assign the USB device or port in your VM configuration in order for the VM to use it.

I recommend the following steps which I was able to do with Proxmox v7 and a Acurite 6037 console (Chaney instruments):

1. Create a VM in Proxmox. For my setup, I used ubuntu 20.04.03
2. I went on the shell of the proxmox host and ran lsusb. I looked for my weather station (eg Acurite) and recorded the usb address.
3. Started the VM and installed the O/S.
4. Stopped the VM and went under options and added new USB hardware. In Proxmox I selected the same weather station address and set it to passthrough.
5. started the VM and entered in the VM shell lsusb. I verified that my station was available.

Mar Tin

Sep 15, 2021, 4:58:41 PMSep 15
to weewx-user
sorry, i forgot to say that i successfully forwarded the serial port of an arduino to a linux container via USB passthru. This basically works (https://medium.com/@konpat/usb-passthrough-to-an-lxc-proxmox-15482674f11d).

The weather station is not a tty device. It will show up as a HID device. I'm still doing something wrong.
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