Plausibility check on wind gust data or missed packet in SDR?

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Aug 4, 2022, 10:36:06 PMAug 4
to weewx-user
Yesterday my WS80 seemed to send a peak gust of 117 km/h, as my GW1100 driver weewx instance (and also the ecowitt live data) showed it, BUT it was nice weather and no other sensor nearby had any strong wind gusts at that time, so clearly a measuring error.

The SDR instance on the other hand, didn't repor this peak. My question is:
Does the SDR driver have some sort of plausibility check for wind gusts, or is it just a case of a missed signal? My sdr setup really seems to miss some packets, but sometimes also the GW1100.

If it is a plausibility check, could I somehow enable or change it for the GW-driver too? (e.g. discard packets/gust data above 100 km/h when the one before was below 30 km/h)

Also, is my SDR-setup really missing packets, or could it be a too slow polling interval? Can I somehow set this in the SDR weewx config and is weewx on a RPi 3b fast enough for 4 second polling? (WS80 sends a packet every 4.8 seconds if I remember correctly)

SDR with R820T2:daywind_20220804.png

By the way, is there any possibility to remove this peak out of the ecowitt online database without deleting the whole station?


Aug 4, 2022, 11:22:05 PMAug 4
to weewx-user
I can't speak for the SDR driver, but I would be very surprised if it was filtering/checking/altering raw data in any way (other than perhaps unit conversion) - that is not the role of a WeeWX driver. WeeWX has the StdQC service to apply simple quality control of data.

I can speak for the Ecowitt gateway device driver (nee GW1000 driver) - it does not perform any data filtering/checking/altering other than standard checksum verification of the raw API data received from the Ecowitt gateway device.

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