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This is the place for support questions about installing and using weewx, the open-source weather software system.

Before you post, please see if you can find the answer to your question in the documentation, or in the wiki.

When you post a question, please remember to:
  1. Post the relevant portion of the system log
    • The log is essential to diagnosing any problem.
    • It helps to turn on the "debug" flag (set debug=1 in the configuration file weewx.conf), then run again.
  2. Post the relevant portion of the weewx configuration file and/or skin configuration file;
  3. Specify the type of weather station hardware you are using;
  4. Tell us how you installed weewx.
For more information about what makes a good post, see the guidelines Help! Posting to weewx user! in the wiki.

There is a separate group, weewx-development, for developers who are actively working on extensions and the weewx codebase. 

Please do not cross-post to both weewx-user and weewx-development!