Vortex Au8830a2 Driver Download Win7 64-bit

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Once you have downloaded your new driver, you'll need to install it. In Windows, use a built-in utility called Device Manager, which allows you to see all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers associated with them.

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vortex au8830a2 driver download win7 64-bit

Download File https://t.co/NnmjLeYbSa

Project history and machine goals:
- If you want to know some philosophy behind this build read this thread, to check and progress problem solving and some discussion if it make sense and some etc - read thread from the start.
- If you care about specs details, look here HP z400 x58 collumn in first 2 tabs - tab switcher is in left down corner. // There is also some info about modern OSes on this machine
- Similar X58 machine - Agents007 thread, but i would say that there is pure DOS just as bonus, i has not big emphasis on it like my project.. For me is pure DOS primary point of analysis..
- because machine XP+ compatibility is same as any new machine virtuality 100%, Windows 98 is great too (Win98 DosBox excluded its working too, because pure DOS is working, i do not care too much now), im mainly interesting in post reports are discuss pure Dos 7.1 compatibility (you can install MS-Dos 7.1 from 2 floppies without WIndows 98, if you want, main advantage is FAT32 at least 128GB HDD support)
- PCI sound cards vs. Chipset compatibility sheet from Kamerat unfortunaly no too much new chipsets (not when if even older chipset are not working, its not good sing) and lots of magic abbreviations without legend
- other PCI sound for Dos thread
- Vogons Yamaha 7xx Guide - lots of technical lowlevel info, my guide more user oriented is about how to make things to work..
- Phils refreshed Y744 video including some WIn98 stuff and sound recording, he is as usually using old Duron 800MHz Socket A + VIA chipset MB and even that i he has to use DDMA.exe driver.
- i cant test it but Yamaha 72x would have very similar or same results
- Yamaha should have better (native) FM that Aureal Vortex 1/2, where it is FM emulated discussion, with Aureal with wavetable header, when game support General midi, you could buy additional card as Dreamblaster X2 for midi, to bypass worse FM (at least for general midi games)
- Yamaha 744 / Aureal Vortex V2/ SB live / Cmedia 8738 / ESS-Solo1 - Dos sound quality recording, you should compare it your yourself (for every chip is there is different link) - thanks Phil for that
- some text info about Dos quality FM of our sound chipsets + few others
- Swaaye additional info to Vortex 2 - AU8830B supposedly has lower CPU utilization than AU8830A2, B chip could be used only in SQ2500 card (source)
- Comparision between card is interesting also on memory and slowdowners managers level:
Yamaha - requiring EMS, no sound in Real + Protection modes, which are required by few, mostly 92-94 games, setmul l1d - great slowdowner working in everymode, not working with JEMMEX (DSDMA load crash, need on new machines), JEMM386 is working with NOVME parameter fine.
AurealV1 - working in every memory manager mode, SETMUL L1D is working - only in real and protection mode (not in EMS), working with JEMM+JEMMEX, Aureal driver is big memory eater (depends on version 20-25KB)
- Gog to pure Dos game conversion/usage sheet, Vogons thread
- side product of this project are ultimate branched config files (you can download it bellow) - with EMM EMS, EMS NO, Realmode, Protected mode, UMBPCI,JEMM ,JEMX,QEMM branches with selection of CD handler- MSCDEX or SHSUCDX (+virtual cd driver) and easy selection of soundcard - supported are Yamaha, Creative - Audigy and !Live(only Win98/DPS comp. version), AurealV1,AurealV2,ESS-Solo1.. There are also branches for SB IRQ7(default is IRQ5, but some games requiring IRQ7 to wrok), there are also debug branches without loaded sound driver and CD rom drivers for compatiblity testing. A there is also ready to run Drivers and Utilities package for this config.
- my thread about size of Video bios roms, because its size matters in Dos..
- new info from Rayer - he tried Yamaha 724 and 744 on H67 chipset, info is that 724 working fine, but 744 has sound crackling problems (he tried 2 of them)
- Phils Videocards DOS performance results DB, this still help to you select fastest videocard for DOS
- some work around how to enhanced Yamaha compatibility on boards without DOS legacy addressing
- some tool to improve make C-Media 8x78 DOS compatibility
- my pureDOS Videocards performance analysis and benchmarks
- Info from ZanQuance: The AU8830 will only operate on newer machines if they still have LPC support on the chipset, looks like the X58 has. Details - i can confirm that Aureal V1 and V2 is working too

Win98 SE on same machine few notes:
- its not target of this thread, but few notes to make it working too
- besides of too much memory fix (above), if you board has only Sata, no Pata(im using IDE wrong wording for that, but im used to) you would need to fix disk transfer speed, you use IDE PCI/PCI-E controller.. or you need rLoew paid sata patch, even yours Sata controler is in IDE mode (it will work but without DMA - 3/4 MB/s transfers that is PITA), after patch installation you have to enaled DMA by the hand for every used drive - its known mistake to not do it and bitching about speed..
- there is some myth that Windows 98 PCI-E GPU should be in first or topper slot that second GPU for modern OSes, if you have board if primary GPU slot selection (Gigabyte and some HP O.E.Ms - maybe made by GB too i dunno, HP not doing anything HW by their own) has such feature, i proven it least with GB Z97 board, that PCI-E could be any PCI-E slot - if it is primary

Knowledge PIT - what could help make machine more compatible
- for music (FM) and its testing you dont need Yamahas DSDMA.exe Kamerat: FM doesn't use DMA and therefore no need for DSDMA TSR or other methods for emulatig ISA DMA. I did majority of testing up to Quake2DOS with Yamaha driver 3.14 patched for SIS, because i something overlooked, or in Vogons drivers packages are only older drivers, newest should be 3.16
- list of CPU speed senitive DOS games
- SET BLASTER Dos variable details.
- SB types for SET BLaster variable (source) - I did all my testing with T4, if is not said otherwise, but regarding of this info. I also do testing with DSP version 3.1 if is not set otherwise.
T1: Sound Blaster 1.0 (the original Sound Blaster),T2: Sound Blaster 1.5, T3: Sound Blaster 2.0,T4: Sound Blaster Pro,T5: Sound Blaster Pro with OPL 3 FM chips,T6: Sound Blaster 16
- of course most important is knowledge of this forum members, i never was Dos settings expert
- DOS videocards vs games compabitility sheet - newest Nvidia tested - nVIDIA GeForce 6800GS; newest ATI (ATI Radeon DDR) - newest cards arent tested - but this could help, compatibility probably wouldnt be better with newer cards, the would be same or worse.
CPU Slowdowners / Speed limiters info:
- difference between Aureal Vortex 1 and 2 for dos
- basic Aureal Vortex 2 compatibility info (only for WIndows 98, but better than nothing) is Au30dos.txt in AV2 dos drivers package, which you can download from Phils page.
- Video card performance - someone would say, that new graphics card, which are working with 95+% of old game would be shredders of asphalt, but at least from Geforce 2 MX, videocards are booting is heavily underclocked 2D mode and only Windows / and some MacOS or Linux drivers can clock them higher for game use.. Advantage for dos is that there at least silent, because of low speeds. I found interesting article about modern videocards 2D performance in Win98/XP.
- there some boot mod dependency lots of slowdowners not working with EMM386 active, but without EMM386 unless you have Aureal vortex 2, no sound - you cant use Yamahas 7x sound cards.. So, its make sense for debugging or no sound card gaming.
CPU Tuning, Throttling - MSRED + CACHECTL, - //PaRus: I forgot to say, MSRED and CACHECTL are working only with HIMEM without EMM386 So you have to have Sound card driver which doesnt required EMS, otherwise no fun. Cachectl c => EMS -reboot, regarding of info by FalcoSoft its not running under EMS386, so i would say that is not what we want. I tested cachectl c in protected mode, its stuck at checking caches:.. no reboot, but its not working too.
MSRED additional info: 1, 2
SetMUL from gerwin - // EMS - L1 cache disable is working; L2 not - some segfault registry error, L2 options is working under Protected mode - but when i did benchmark - no real difference 3s/3s, so no big deal. regarding of info byFalcoSoft its not running under EMM386, so i would say that is not what we want.. but L1 still looks like working, Setmul is working with EMS386 loaded, so MSRED is not mandatory. I tested it with Core 2 E6600 - its much slower than on X58, so it could be used only for much older games.
- Speed difference is brutal - path_bench which is normally running- 3s, is running 893s and that is result between 386 DX/40 and slow 486.
- Some tool with better than nothing but some scalability would be great.
- Throttle - not working unsupported chipset message, even in protected mode..
- SlowDOS - its at the bottom of Throttle page - line above - its working at least with benchmarks with default value internal - 12, i get benchmark which is normally running - 3s to 27s. So this could probably scale about CPU speed.. but question is if there are not some conflicts. I fixed with it too fast Battle Arena Toshinden.
- Kamerat: The YMF744 supports several DSP versions according to it's datasheet (page 21), perhaps changing the DSP will increase compatibility for some games? I'll guess you have to change it by poking around with the PCI registers as I'm not aware if SETUPDS are able to change it. YMF744 Datasheet. It looks like the leading zeroes just got ignored in the SBDSP utility. Tried changing it on my YMF744 and got 1.5 for DSP 1.05, 2.1 for DSP 2.01 and 3.1 for DSP 3.01. The PCI registers should reset at reboot., Utility of set PCI reg values.
ver 3.01 (default) -pciset 0010 1073 43 01100000 00000000
ver 2.01 -pciset 0010 1073 43 01100000 00100000
ver 1.05 -pciset 0010 1073 43 01100000 01000000
Kamerats quick results: I tried all DSP versions in the game Dune II with the the same result: freeze when first sample plays, do it didn't change anything for this game.
Funny thing in Duke Nukem 3D setup when selecting other DSPs than 3.01 is that it only output sound when playing center, but left and right are mute.

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