Wild Man Fischer Nothing Scary 1984

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a certified paranoid schizophrenic and acid casualty, larry "wildman" fischer was one of pop music's most unlikely and most disquieting cultfigures. born in los angeles in 1945, little is known of fischer's formativeyears; by the mid-'60s, he had become a fixture along l.a.'s famed sunset strip,where he embraced the burgeoning hippie culture in full. jobless and homeless,fischer's stock-in-trade was to harangue passers-by for small change, rewardingtheir charity with an impromptu musical performance sung in his crazed vocalstyle; his behavior produced his 1968 debutanevening with wild manfischer.

from the outset, consensus on fischer was split; some felt his musicwas a valid form of artistic expression, while others criticized zappa fortaking advantage of his protege's clear lack of mental stablity. a collection ofautobiographical monologues, free-form rants and experimental soundscapes,anevening with wild man fischer -- complete with a jacket bearing theominous image of a maniacal fischer holding a knife to the throat of a cardboardcut-out woman -- won the singer a small but intense following; although he madeseveral subsequent live appearances with zappa's band the mothers of invention,the two soon suffered an irrevocable falling-out, and fischer largelydisappeared from sight for a number of years.

wild man fischer nothing scary 1984

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in the mid-'70s, fischer resurfaced, making a handful of club and televisionappearances which proved that his grasp on reality had grown even moretenuous in the intervening years. after cutting a single advertising the rhinorecords shop on westwood boulevard, he signed to the rhino label for a three-lpdeal; wildmania appeared in 1977, and its primal intensity found support amongmembers of the punk community. beginning with 1981's pronounced normal, he beganworking with the novelty duo barnes & barnes, who couched fischer's vocalsin appropriately odd electronic backing tracks and sampled soundbites. nothingscary followed in 1984; upon its release, fischer visited the rhino shop andattempted to bully customers into purchasing his albums. he was ejected from thestore, and his contract was not renewed; no other recording deal wasforthcoming, and he again slipped into the ether. -- jason ankeny

d.k.: wild man fischer... oh yeah... that was a trip. my first task was toliterally follow him around the streets for several days, carrying a uher two-track, chronicling whatever madness he got into. parts of that mission wereplain scary! larry was truly certifiable then. the basement "sessions"were very strange, as you might guess. frank was gentle, encouraging, yetdemanding of larry... as frank was with all who toiled under his baton. later,with the roving and basement stuff in hand, frank and larry and i went into thestudio and hammered together that album, the one-of-a-kind assistance of the gtosand other supernumeraries. a guy named jerry hansen worked the knobs forthe actual recording, and the control room entourage was truly amazing. as fortechnical nuances, i honestly don't remember. hell, that was 27 years ago! howold are you? i think it was about the same time that we did thegto'salbum, a wonder to behold. no, actually their "album" came abit later. i had a secret crush on misspamela back then. "ooo-ooo man" was my favorite tune.

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picked up a copy of l.a. weekly last night, and there's a listing for danieljohnston performing at the key club. july 7th, i believe. ok, i'd be happy togo, just to see him. but the opening act is wild man fischer??? whoa!! landmarkevent?

On August 16th 1984, the Fisher family went on a picnic to a scenic and sunny location, where a young Sal finds a dog and is eager to pet it. After some prodding, his mother allows Sal to visit the animal. However, it's revealed that the "dog" was, in fact, a man wearing a dog mask (presumably Kenneth Phelps) and wielding a shotgun. His intent was to end the boy's life due to the prophecy foretelling that a young boy would foil the Devourers Of God's plans. The boy survived the encounter but at the cost of his mother's life. For the years to come, Sal would maintain that his mother was killed by a man, not a wild animal, even if his psychiatrist and father didn't believe him.

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