May 2013 Update - 0.3.x-alpha2 release

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Peter Thorson

Jun 9, 2013, 6:51:48 PM6/9/13
The 0.3.x branch is now feature complete. It has been published and tagged as 0.3.x-alpha2 on the master branch on GitHub. This includes code that used to be the experimental and 0.3.x-cmake branches. Those branches are now obsolete and will be deleted in the near future. All releases from this point forward will be on the master branch and semantically versioned. Detailed change logs are available on the change log page as well as in in the repository.

- Doxygen documentation for the 0.3.x branch is now available at
- Autobahn reports for the 0.3.x branch are now available at
- WebSocket++ now supports explicit proxies for outgoing client connections (both ws and wss)

Detailed changes
- Basic cmake build & install support added
- Transport level timers have been implemented (proxy/connect/DNS resolve/socket shutdown/TLS handshake)
- WebSocket level timers have been implemented (open/close handshake, ping/pong timeout)
- Added connection methods for retrieving the close codes, reasons, and underlying error code from closed connections
- Explicit outgoing proxy support
- Corrects a number of issues with end of connection behavior, especially for clients.
- TLS shutdown is no longer blocking
- Hybi00 close frame support
- Lots of documentation
- removes may unused files and other dead code

Roadmap for the final 0.3.x release
- continue cleaning up code style
-  bugfixes
- more documentation
- more tests

Roadmap for 0.4.x
- 0.4.x will be backwards compatible with 0.3.x
- Implement permessage-deflate extension
- Remove dependency on <regex> header that has poor support in GCC
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