Signed Exchanges on Google Search

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Devin Mullins

Apr 20, 2021, 4:32:17 PM4/20/21
Google Search now supports prefetching of signed exchanges of all web content. (Previously we'd rolled out support only for AMP content.)

For details on the spec and the available tools see this article, but a quick summary:
  • Web Packager Server: a reverse proxy between your frontend and backend servers
    • supports automatic OCSP and cert (ACME) renewal
  • NGINX sxg module: a dynamic module for your frontend or middleware server
    • supports automatic OCSP renewal
  • Web Packager CLI or gen-signedexchange: static generator that should be run ~daily
    • supports automatic OCSP renewal via gen-certurl that should be run ~daily
  • libsxg: C library for building custom integrations
    • has functions for OCSP renewal
For tools without ACME support, you can use other ACME tools or renew your cert manually.

If you build custom tools, I recommend reading the Google SXG Cache requirements doc.

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