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Jan 1, 2017, 8:21:04 AM1/1/17
to weblocks
Tried to get started using weblocks using the quickstart docs listed here: http://weblocks-framework.info/documentation and here https://trac.common-lisp.net/cl-weblocks/wiki/UserManual

Weblocks starts up, but the weblocks-demo produces blank page, with no errors, and the root "/" just displays the default Hunchentoot web page.

The weblocks-demo package lacks the :js-backend :prototype needed to display anything. I have not gone and tried editing things myself, as I am just trying to get started here.

I did manage to create my own application, start up the server using the example in the quickstart link:

(weblocks-app is the name of my generated project)

(weblocks:defwebapp weblocks-app :prefix "/")
 (defun init-user-session (comp)
    (setf (weblocks:composite-widgets comp)
          (list "Hello!")))

Still just shows the default Hunchentoot page.

I did notice that the version of weblocks Quicklisp installs now uses a version from Oct 30, 2016. I think I had tried these quickstart docs a couple years ago with some success, so I assume the docs have not been kept up with the code changes. Is there a link for more up-to-date documentation.
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