Selenium (Java & Python) Client Algorithm to read "Performance Statistics" from Chrome Dev Tool

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Debanjan Bhattacharjee

Dec 25, 2017, 7:32:56 AM12/25/17
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Hello Everyone,

Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

I was trying to get some "Performance Statistics" from "Chrome Development Tool" through both Selenium Java & Python Clients.

What I observed, that the entries within IDE Console Output are 

  1. Not in the same order
  2. Length of both the Output varies in length.

So my question is, 

  1. Is there a distinct Algorithm which all the Selenium Clients follow while picking up the "Performance Statistics" parameters?
  2. Does different Selenium Client follows different Algorithm while picking up "Performance Statistics" parameters?
  3. If both the Selenium Client actually uses JavaScript why should the length vary?

Java Client Output :

[{redirectCount=0, encodedBodySize=218541, unloadEventEnd=0, responseEnd=2834.3800000000006, domainLookupEnd=1679.3400000000001, unloadEventStart=0, domContentLoadedEventStart=3062.82, type=navigate, decodedBodySize=218541, duration=7279.885, redirectStart=0, connectEnd=2219.0950000000003, toJSON={}, requestStart=2223.0450000000005, startTime=0, fetchStart=2702.4750000000004, domContentLoadedEventEnd=3072.8000000000006, entryType=navigation, workerStart=0, responseStart=2588.0200000000004, domInteractive=3062.775, domComplete=7271.39, domainLookupStart=1679.3400000000001, redirectEnd=0, transferSize=219089, connectStart=1679.3400000000001, loadEventStart=7272.015, secureConnectionStart=1779.905, name=, nextHopProtocol=..........

Python Client Output :

[{'connectEnd': 1506.0600000000002, 'connectStart': 1077.92, 'decodedBodySize': 218457, 'domComplete': 3273.585, 'domContentLoadedEventEnd': 2061.1000000000004, 'domContentLoadedEventStart': 2045.6950000000002, 'domInteractive': 2045.64, 'domainLookupEnd': 1077.92, 'domainLookupStart': 1077.92, 'duration': 3288.4300000000003, 'encodedBodySize': 218457, 'entryType': 'navigation', 'fetchStart': 1790.8600000000001, 'initiatorType': 'navigation', 'loadEventEnd': 3288.4300000000003, 'loadEventStart': 3274.57, 'name': '', 'nextHopProtocol': 'h2', 

PS : I have trimmed the output till 'nextHopProtocol' as I understand here onwards the JavaScript and AJAX Calls comes into play.

Thanks and Regards
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