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Oct 9, 2007, 9:11:59 PM10/9/07
to Web Devout
"It is in the best interest of all Internet users to stop using
Internet Explorer as soon as possible!"

Yes, well; Anyone that actually thinks that this is a sensible idea
and one that will solve anything really should not be allowed near any
kind of public access media.

Do I really need to point out what the results of everyone using a
different browser would be or are you all intellignet enough to work
it yourselves.


David Hammond

Oct 9, 2007, 9:41:12 PM10/9/07
to Web Devout
The primary results would be:

* More sites would be designed for standards compliance (since all
other major browsers are much more standards-compliant than current
versions of Internet Explorer), which reduces browser lock-in and
lowers barriers of entry for other web browsers.

* People would be using browsers with histories of dramatically faster
security vulnerability fixes than Internet Explorer.

* Non-IE browsers could become more tempting targets for malicious
people, although there is not yet any evidence that the user's
security would suffer from this. As Firefox's popularity has
increased, its average occurrence of security vulnerabilities and
severity thereof have remained nearly unchanged. Other examples like
Apache vs. IIS have showed that increased popularity does not
necessarily lead to increased discovery of vulnerabilities or
increased rate of exploitation; although Apache has much more market
share than IIS, it remains the least exploited of the two.

* If the browser usage share becomes more spread out among different
browsers, third party technical support could become slightly more
complex (a side effect of free choice in any market).

* Increased competition would lead to more innovation and faster

Let me know what I missed.

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