Crossfire - Remote Debug Extension for Firebug

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Sep 28, 2009, 4:28:18 PM9/28/09
to WebDebugProtocol

I thought the Web Debug group might like to know that I've committed
an extension, called "Crossfire", to the Firebug project.

Crossfire implements a JSON format protocol, which at the moment is
somewhat of a hybrid of the V8 and Scope specs, with a few additions
of its own.

One important aspect of Crossfire is to allow a remote client to
remain synchronized regardless of whether input comes from the remote
client or Firebug's UI, since in this case Firebug acts as the
debugging engine as well as a debug interface.

I've added Crossfire to the comparison matrix I've been maintaining
), and documentation for the initial API can be found at

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