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Oct 22, 2010, 5:05:23 AM10/22/10
to Webcam SOCIALS
This is in response to a thread at my 'webcam social' no. 2's
technical and staff blog and social network. This is, a worthy
and mostly free but starting to expand into monetizing the product.
This was just brought in my other discussion "Don't Shoot the
Messenger, please" about and

Both will begin unveiling the path to income from formerly premium
services rendered at no cost. Most of the posts quick replies in blog
on day one were adamant and short about a replay of ' circa
January 2009'.

This was my response:

" '
webcamsocial 2 minutes ago Delete
Okay, I just read about tremendous technological changes in streaming
more activity data for my members in this free social network.
However, if you are supporting this blog post your probably seen the
names of many writers of pass through here.. these folks need
to get paid and as the outsource social network tools become third-
party or integrated, either direction, is going to cost.

In November, another reputable social network builder that was beta
for two years and opened a channel with it's own domain for social
networks of adult content, also in beta, both move to ALPHA in
November as well. Besides this one too is the only worthy
supportive and technically-driven social builder online.

Both sites in common have spent the past year really emphasizing to
the administrators how to present 'monetizing' the social for members
enrolling at different privilege by subscriptions. This process of
mentoring money is a good thing and not greed. It's commerce and
democracy in action.

Don't run from because am sure that even the free model will
have more than enough to engage your members. I have authored almost
every blog, forum, sub-group and wiki in my 'webcam socials.' Members
just do not use these often enough choosing to look at the "pretty
lights" like uploading photos and videos and music maybe.

How much a price can you place on runs greedy but
not shamelessly for your dollars just for your attention as the best. is in my standard of review, experience and criteria possibly
the best builder out here in web 2.0. You should use every opportunity
to promote your favorite web tools, apps and since your all here on
DAY ONE of this posting I imagine don't have to tell you be the
'messenger' for change among your peers?
' " for gay and bisexual men over 18+ only
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