WEBCAM SITES 2021 • TOP 10 WebCam Sites

Best completely free sites

1) Adult Friend Finder

2) Ashley Madison

3) Cams

4) NoStringsAttached

5) Fuckdate

6) 4CLUB

7) Youradultamusement

8) Biglovers

9) WivesCheat

10) Alt com (BDSM and fetish)

There are too many webcam sites to know everything about them.

There is no time to read long articles and spend hours to understand how each of the sites works.

Sometimes we just need some expert help Taking into consideration the number of adult webcam sites, we decided to provide people who are interested in this niche with this simple and informative guide on best cam sites. All the platforms in our rating are reliable and checked by our team so that our readers can just choose any of them and have fun right today, or at the time they need to relax and watch some hot videos.

So What Are Cam Sites for Adults?

These are sites with sexually explicit content. Unlike the sites with XXX videos, or hookup websites, on webcam sites, you not only can watch live performances by sexy models, but also interact with them using chats, CamShare, or even calls. Usually, these sites are paid, but they allow registering for free to see what you will pay for (if you want to, of course). Communication with models usually comes at a price.

The sites offer the users to buy special tokens to spend on communication with girls and men or on getting access to special categories of videos and especially hot webcam models.

How Do HookupBro Review And Test WebCam Sites?

Webcam websites are very popular and there are thousands of them! The team of HookupBro carefully reviews both, the most hyped and old and the youngest of them, and shares only the really good ones for our readers to have the best online experience. You don’t have to spend time choosing a reliable platform anymore – just look through our list!

To appear in our rating, the site should match our criteria. Below you will find the details we consider important when reviewing adult webcam sites.

Variety of webcam models of all types

This is the first thing we consider when we start to test a webcam site. The number of real sexy models is the reason why people register on such sites, and if there are thousands of bots, there is no reason to join such a platform. There will be no real shows – maybe a few pre-recorded ones, but there will be no interaction then. On HookupBro, we share only websites with thousands of real performers of different kinds.

Real user reviews and general background of webcam site

We believe that people who can be 100% objective are ones of a kind. Our team consists of professional and attentive people, but we still suppose that our experience and tests of sites may differ from the other users’ experiences. Even though we are active users of webcam sites, we always check the reviews and feedback of the other people, who have used a particular platform for months. Negative reviews are especially important for us, and we take them into consideration even if we had just a great time on a website.

The quality and work of customer support of a site fall for our check too, as the members of the support team are the site’s calling card – they are the main representatives of the administration, and if they are rude, we can definitely say that the admins of the site do not pay attention even to the people they hire, not even mentioning the ones who work at them.

We also consider the past of the site, as we believe that any “dark spots” in it may signify that there may be some problems with this platform.

Interface and quality of webcam software

We pay a lot of attention to the usability of the site. There should be a clean interface that has only essential, functional elements that should be complemented by a good design, which is also very important. Together, a good interface, proper size and placement of icons and links, and a well-chosen color scheme will provide a user with the best possible cam sex experience.

The best experience yet impossible if the site does not have a mobile app or is not at least mobile optimized. Mobile devices are conquering the world, and we believe that all the sites should look and work on smartphones and tablets just great. That’s why we usually pick those webcam sites that can provide a member with it, too.

We also consider the quality of video on the site – both, pre-recorded and uploaded, and online ones. If the content is of bad quality, no one will be satisfied with it today, even if it is actually arousing and was uploaded by beautiful models.

Fair pricing policy and a variety of payment methods

When checking the site, we deposit our own money to see if this site is honest with its users. If there are any problems, delays, conflicts with the administration, or even stealing card data, the site will appear in our blacklist and we will share the information about its dishonesty, secrecy, and deception on HookupBro.

We also suppose that a site should have several payment methods, as a lot of users do not have the possibility to pay using some systems. Premium websites allow users to pay even with Bitcoin, but the number of such websites is quite low, and we value them a lot, as the number of payment methods only proves the reliability of the site, because the more reliable platforms agree to cooperate with it, the better.

Safety and anonymity options

To prevent any data leakages and provide the users with comfort, a site should have good security software and a team of moderators. Both the software and moderators should work for your security 24/7, and we highly appreciate webcam sites that even have security certificates.

It is also important for a lot of users to stay anonymous when using the sites. We always check if a platform has any ghost modes or just allows registration under a username.

How Good Are Those Free WebCam Sites?

Almost all the live webcam sex sites allow people to get access to their content for free, and some of them even offer a lot of discounts. However, there are 100% free sites – well, they claim to be free, as no website can exist without investment. Such sites may earn from ads or so-called hidden payments, i.e. you may pay for a particular interaction with the model, and the model may try to ask you for this particular interaction way or for any donations, and so on.

Some free sites are pretty good, though they usually have a limited number of communication means, less XXX categories, and lower security level. It is explained by the lack of money, because the more a site earns, the more it can invest. If we find a hookup or a webcam site that is reliable and offers enough services, we will include it to our rating.

Paid Webcam Sites

Not all of them are perfect – this is the first thing you should remember. The sites that ask you to pay a fortune before even accessing the content are nothing but scam – but this is a simple example. There may be a lot of pitfalls like hidden fees, high barriers to entry because of too many services with no guides, etc. We always describe the sites we review in detail for you to see the full image of the site before spending time registering on it.

We highly recommend choosing paid sites because of their:

  1. Safety level (it is high);

  2. Range of services (it may be wide enough to entertain any user);

  3. Number of active viewers and performers (it is usually pretty high even though paid sites may have quite high prices);

  4. Customer support (24/7 online chat or even a phone–hotline).

  5. The system of credits. Credit is a token you can use to pay for the services on the site. This can save your money, as you will pay only for those features that you need.

There are both free and paid sites in our top lists, so you can find a suitable variant right for you. Below you will find some short tips on how to choose the best platform with great performers.

How To Pick The Best Webcam Site – Tips By HookupBro

The top webcam sites are those that match the criteria that we described above – at least, this is how our experts suppose a good site should work and look like. If you have an opinion that completely differs from our experts’ one, please, feel free to choose any website you need and think it will be a great one!

For both the people who trust us and for those who trust only their own experience and thoughts, we have prepared a simple instruction on how to choose the best site on your own.

  1. Pay attention to the reputation on the site and its years of experience. The older the site, the more reliable it is. Some big platforms may even have big problems in the past – you should see if the administration managed them in a polite and legal way or ignored it.

  2. Check the site’s security measures. Are there any certificates or does it have SSL?

  3. Have a look at the types of models on the site. You can choose the site with the models you like, but we highly recommend considering the platforms with different kinds of webcam performers – male, female, couples, and so on.

  4. Find out the reviews of the real users on this site. Both negative and positive are important. Try to be objective: some reviews may be negative because they are written by users who failed to solve a tiny problem or who just got “I don’t want to meet you” from his/her favorite performer. Some of the reviews may be positive but paid, but to define which one is true and which is fake is a challenge.

  5. Check out if there is a free registration. A paid sign up process is not a good sign – each trustworthy site (hookup/webcam/dating one) should provide a user with the possibility to see the content, number of members, services, etc. No one has to buy a pig in a poke, and users of webcam sex websites are not an exception.

  6. Make sure that the site or sites you like have Fair Fund Policy. You should clearly see the sums you may spend on the webcam platform and there should be no hidden fees.

How To Stay Anonymous At The Webcam Sites?
  • Create an account with a username and just a random pic as your profile photo. Being a regular viewer of live sex cams, you do not have to share any of your real personal information. However, there are sites that ask their members to provide some documents if there is a reason for that – for example if a user is suspected in violation of the main rules of the site. Still, the majority of the webcam platforms allow their users to be anonymous and never share sensitive data.

  • Use a special “ghost mode”, if there is such a service on the site. There is actually no need in this option if you’ve created a fake account and a fake email, but if you do not want the other members of the site (or a particular member) to see you online – use it to hide your status.

  • Try using a VPN. It is a virtual personal network that can mask your IP address so that you can browse any sites anonymously. You can choose any VPN you like, there are even free versions, but they usually offer either a limited number of countries you can choose as your current location or allow only a free trial. If it’s enough for you, do not hesitate to try a free version.

General Rules To Follow At The Webcam Sites

First of all, we would recommend you to read the rules of the site. Each top webcam site has its own rules that should be followed. Usually, they are pretty simple and easy to remember. Below you will find the most common of them, but you should understand that there may be some additional things for you to follow.

  • Don't express racism. This is the first and foremost rule you will see in any guide on any top cam sites. No administration will tolerate any racism toward their users, so you may be banned forever if you express it in any way.

  • Be polite. You come to webcam platforms to watch and interact with beautiful girls and men and enjoy their private shows, so, please, don’t prevent the other users and models from having a good time too.

  • Do not share any sensitive data. We mean, you can share your photos, current mood, or any other common things like an everyday activity, but avoid sharing your address, card details, and any info about your family members.

  • Don’t send money to any “representatives” of webcam girls who “can arrange a meeting” with these girls. Usually, the models have their own web wallets and get payments for what they do, as well as receive the donations and gifts from the viewers personally. If there are any representatives, the site’s administration will inform you about it.

  • Let the moderators address any chat issues. Don’t be aggressive toward the other viewers – there may be people who don’t respect the rules and like to create a mess. Don’t pay attention to them and let the professionals do their job. It will allow you to avoid problems with moderators because they will consider you to be an active participant in that mess, too, and will prohibit you from some actions on the site or will just ban you, just like the other people who started a conflict.

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