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Kai Hendry

Jan 3, 2012, 1:40:33 AM1/3/12
to webc-users
Hello all from Kuala Lumpur,

I've deployed which should give a better
indication of how well the project is doing. Hopefully this will help
motivate us and also address the
problem. Also give us a bit of fun! :)

Please review the source and
complain if my code could be bettered.

Some items to note:

I broke the the ping client late last year for the 9.0 release IIRC
and it took me a month or two to realise it was broken. :/

The latest month 2012-01 will slowly build up when data comes in. So
it looks like a crash at the beginning of the month. :)

There is a break down of each month in the format
Notice and too.

There is easily a risk someone can game the ping receiver. Please don't. :)

I'm tracking unique pings, but maybe I should be tracking more
frequent (steady pinging) users. As I'm aware many people "try"
Webconverger for curiosity sake and don't carry on using it.

Some versions don't get released, still ping and reflect badly. Woops.

Google charts has to have zero as a value in the data table, it
doesn't accept empty/undefined values strangely So there are
non-sensical zero values for new releases in the distant past.

There are probably some other bugs.

There is a crontab entry like so:
@daily cd /srv/www/; make

todo: try other chart types like stacked chart, any volunteers?
Try get it to reformat to full the screen.

Any questions? Enjoy and I greatly appreciate feedback!

Kind regards,

Guttorm Flatabø

Jan 3, 2012, 4:36:03 AM1/3/12
Re: chat this morning.

Yes, did read it, and I like it, but it is a bit confusing that the stats "crash", the way they do, and shouldn't there be some "pings last 7 days" or something like that, that we can follow?

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