Announcing a Raspberry PI 2 port

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Kai Hendry

Apr 6, 2015, 6:07:22 AM4/6/15
to webc-users
Hi guys,

I've been very busy curating a new port of Webconverger to the Raspberry
PI 2!

It's designed for digital signboard use cases at present. It also has a
super cool new feature to instantly update the configuration, that I
will probably look to porting to the x86 version.

It would be great if you could please try it out. I do intend for it to
be able to be used as a Media player, i.e. you just point an MP4 at it
via the homepage parameter and it will playback smoothly. Which is
pretty much like how the Google's Chromecast works IIUC.

You may have heard of big Google's announcement of the Chromebit:

I like to think that a Rpi2 + Webconverger subscription can compete with
this product's price point of ~100USD, despite Webconverger being a
small business. Using Webconverger, you will get more transparency, more
privacy and no Google upsell. Please support our efforts!

Many thanks,

Kai Hendry

Apr 21, 2015, 11:58:03 PM4/21/15
Hi guys,

I'm planning to take the Rpi2 version out of beta.

If you need a cheap solution for displaying some "war room" metrics, I
think this is it.

Also if you are looking to just play back MP4s to your big screen
smoothly, you could use the simple "omxplayer" webck option.

Here is a demonstration:

If any of you are into hardware, there is a video at the bottom of where I attached a motion PIR to the Pi.
You can use Webconverger as a auto-updating wiringPI platform where you
can leverage systemd to keep various hardware elements in operation.

Kind regards,
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