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James Hughes

May 19, 2013, 5:41:23 AM5/19/13
to web...@googlegroups.com

I just wanted to drop a message here to let people know I am on/off working on a Webbit focused project - webbit-metrics

Essentially it does for a Webbit server what [Ostrich](https://github.com/twitter/ostrich) does for a [Finagle](twitter.github.io/finagle/) server.  The site explains everything but it is basically a companion server that can be used as a reporter for metrics, running tasks and ensuring your service is healthy through Healthchecks.  The bulk of the service is based around Codas [Metrics](http://metrics.codahale.com) library.

One warning though this project was started with the intent of it being used on a real project but the project took a different direction so this is built entirely in fiction right now.  Its also been slung together quite quickly so expect some howlers lurking around.

Not sure if it is of any use to people but I thought I'd put it out there for people to play with/criticise - any feedback welcome.
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