[ANN] WebAnno 3.6.9 released

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Richard Eckart de Castilho

Dec 13, 2021, 4:08:47 PM12/13/21
to webanno-user

WebAnno 3.6.9

We are pleased to announce the release of WebAnno 3.6.9, a web-based annotation
tool for a wide range of annotations.

This is a bugfix and security update release.

Notable changes

Full Changelogwebanno-3.6.8...webanno-3.6.9

For a full detailed list refer to [2].

Also thanks to all bug reporters, all beta testers, all feature suggesters, and all users!


The new version can be downloaded from our website [1].

Important upgrade notes

Since WebAnno 3.5.0, a newer version of the MySQL JDBC driver is used.
This may require changing the database.url field in the settings.properties
file and adding the setting serverTimezone=UTC to it [5].

An in-place upgrade from WebAnno 3.6.8 to WebAnno 3.6.9 is possible.
Back up your data before the upgrade [6].

When upgrading from WebAnno versions earlier than 3.4.0, be sure to read the release
notes of WebAnno 3.4.0 [4] and perform relevant actions before doing the upgrade.
Before any upgrade, please take the usual precautions making backups of your
WebAnno database and home folder. Observe the general upgrade instructions.
Users may have to explicitly "reload" WebAnno in the browser once.


If you use WebAnno in the context of scientific work, please cite the following publication:

Eckart de Castilho, R., Mújdricza-Maydt, É., Yimam, S.M., Hartmann, S., Gurevych, I., Frank, A. and Biemann, C. (2016): A Web-based Tool for the Integrated Annotation of Semantic and Syntactic Structures. In Proceedings of the LT4DH workshop at COLING 2016, Osaka, Japan

PDF and BibTeX available from our website [3].

License and System requirements

WebAnno is provided as open source software under the
Apache License version 2.

Running WebAnno requires Java version 8 or higher.

We also offer standalone JAR which can be used as a desktop application
or as a UNIX service and does not require an additional Tomcat server.

By default, WebAnno uses an embedded database which is sufficient
for testing. However, the use of a MySQL database is recommended.

WebAnno works best with Chrome and Safari.

-- The WebAnno 3 developer team

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