Does anyone have a stripe connect demo or example for web2py?

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Andrew E.

Apr 2, 2022, 2:29:19 AM4/2/22
to web2py-users
Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has an example of using the stripe connect api with a Web2py project and can share it. I might be asking for to much but I thought I would try my luck.

Thanks all in advance, Web2py is truly a great platform.

*cheers Andrew

Maurice Waka

Apr 3, 2022, 9:29:43 PM4/3/22
There is an example with e-store somewhere in 

- (Documentation)
- (Source code)
- (Report Issues)
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Jose C

Apr 5, 2022, 3:09:42 PM4/5/22
to web2py-users
Here's some code that I use... hopefully should get you started.

In your python environment:  pip install stripe

Then in a controller (donations):
def __create_stripe_session(item_name='', amount_cents=0, success_url='', cancel_url='', item_description='', customer_email=None):
        Creates a Stripe session (with a payment intent id), valid for 24 hrs, which we can then submit later.
    import stripe

    stripe.api_key = 'stripe_key_secret'
    stripe_session = stripe.checkout.Session.create(
                                          customer_email = customer_email,   # prepopulates, but readonly - user can't change it.
                                            'name': item_name,
                                            'description': item_description,
                                            'amount': amount_cents,
                                            'currency': 'cad',
                                            'quantity': 1,
                                          success_url = success_url,
                                          cancel_url = cancel_url,

    return stripe_session

def make_donation():
        display page with form to enter amount.
    # display form.
    form = SQLFORM.factory(Field('amount', type='string', label='Donation Amount'))

    if form.process().accepted:
        #  create a Stripe session
        stripe_session = __create_stripe_session(
                                    item_name = 'Donation',
                                    amount_cents = int(round(float(form.vars.amount),2)*100),
                                    success_url = 'http://localhost:8055/donations/done?action=payment_complete',   # stripe redirects here on success.
                                    cancel_url = 'http://localhost:8055/donations/done?action=cancelled'            # stripe redirects here if cancelled.

        # Save record so can compare with stripe returned event...
        # Store the PI in the description temporarily and overwrite when transaction is sucessful.
        db.donations.insert(user_id = session.user_id, description=stripe_session.payment_intent, amount=round(float(form.vars.amount),2))

        # Now submit to Stripe for execution.
        context = dict(public_key = '<your stripe public key here>',  stripe_session_id =
        return response.render('donations/do_stripe_payment.html', context)
    elif form.errors:
        response.error = form.errors.amount

    return dict(form = form)

def my_stripe_webhook():
        On event, Stripe POSTs this json `webhook` via http.
        We need to respond with simple 200-ok or it will attempt to resend a few more times.
    import stripe

    def POST(*args, **vars):
        # Alternatively can take the `id` from the POST info and turn it into a stripe object that can be used and queried.
        # e.g.  See for details of the object.

        if == 'evt_00000000000000':     # Test event from Stripe - can't query it with api...silly as that seems.
            log.warning("dummy Stripe event evt_00000000000000 received. Not processing further.")
            return "Ok, thanks. (dummy/test event received)."

            # Set the secret key.
            stripe.api_key =  'stripe_key_secret'
            # see:
            event = stripe.Event.retrieve(
  "Stripe event received.  id: {} type: {event.type}")

            if event.type == 'charge.succeeded':
                # Check if donation.
                rec = db(db.donations.description ==

                if rec:
          "Donation made by user: {rec.user_id}")
                    # Overwrite the PI code in the description with actual action/message visible to user.
                    # This is final step and confirms money has been received.
                    rec.update_record(description = "Funds received, thank you!")
                    log.error(f"Unknown payment received, see: {}")

            elif event.type == 'charge.refunded':
                # Refund processing here...

            elif event.type == 'checkout.session.completed':
                return "Ok, thanks"

                # process other possible other event types.
                return "Thanks again"

    return locals()

the view (donations/do_stripe_payment.html):
<div>Communicating with our payment processor, Stripe...</div>
<script src=""></script>
    var stripe = Stripe('{{=public_key}}');

            sessionId: '{{=stripe_session_id}}'
        }).then(function (result) {
          // If `redirectToCheckout` fails due to a browser or network
          // error, display the localized error message to your customer
          // using `result.error.message`.

Hope that helps,

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