is it possible to do something like SELECT column1, column2 is null FROM table.. in DAL?

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Dragan Matic

Jun 21, 2023, 1:47:34 PM6/21/23
to web2py-users
Postgresql allows this syntax:

SELECT column1, column2 is null FROM table WHERE...

Which returns the value from column one and a true/false for column2 like this:

column1      column2
value1          true
value2          false

To summarize, I just want for database to tell me whether column2 is null or not, I do not want to read the whole column2 and check it in program as it may contain a lot of text and will slow down execution. Can I translate this select to DAL?


Jun 21, 2023, 7:09:30 PM6/21/23
PyDal doen't implements is_null, but you can try something like that

t = db.yourtable
exp = "column2 is null"
print(db(t).select(t.column1, exp))

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