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Finish Line Wheels

Dec 17, 2022, 3:57:23 PM12/17/22
CLS numbers aren't adding up for Desktop.

we are failing the Desktop CLS score in the top set of number at .13 for a mix of urls submitted.   
however, when you Expand the Performance Section, our CLS score for Desktop always shows a good number, often around .02 - .03.  
Also, when you further click the little CLS button/icon thing within the Performance Section, and add up the suggestions, they equal the good CLS number, example: it may say .026 for Desktop CLS and the suggestions add up to the same .026.

We are failing in Google Search Console Core Web Vitals  /  Page Experience and being penalized for this in Google Search.

occasionally/randomly the CLS number for the Desktop Performance number will fail....but it is rare. 
sometimes you will run the exact same url.  one time it's .026 and the next time it's .11.   But, most of the time, these urls are getting a good score in Performance CLS numbers.

please see these example submissions.  
supporting static page, about us:
product collection page:
Product URLs:

Can you tell me what I am missing here?   Please help.
thank you,
dave, owner
direct mobile number 616-915-9299

Tony “Tiggerito” McCreath

Dec 17, 2022, 5:41:09 PM12/17/22
to web-vitals-feedback
Just looking at the home page while throttling it to a 3G load speed, and it's quite easy to see the layout shifts. The top menu changes size, and then a second banner is added. And the heading below the image shifts up. Your failing score is taken from real users and relates to every page on the site (origin), while the scores under it are for a single simulated test just on the home page and with no user interaction. So they will not add up to the same values.


Finish Line Wheels

Dec 20, 2022, 2:45:48 PM12/20/22

Finish Line Wheels

Dec 23, 2022, 9:46:03 AM12/23/22
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