Crazy! Impossible to fix IMP

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Giacomo Beretta (Jack85)

Jun 19, 2024, 10:15:06 AMJun 19
to web-vitals-feedback
I'm getting crazy trying to fix IMP mobile.

Debugbear says that I'm ok, but Google says not!

Any ideas or help to fix?


Barry Pollard

Jun 19, 2024, 10:27:13 AMJun 19
to web-vitals-feedback
The Debugbear tool just tries clicking about some places in an attempt to find slow INP interactions.

I was easily able to simulate a slow INP with the following steps:
  • Open DevTools
  • Load the page
  • Open Performance Panel in DevTools
  • Set 6x CPU slowdown (I'm on an M1 Mac so this is to make it seem more like an average mobile phone)
  • Click the "Acconsento" (Accept?) button on the constent manager pop up.
This is not uncommon as Consent Management Platforms (CMP) typically do a LOT of processing on accepting consent. Best practice is to yield, to allow thr screen to update so the user knows the button click has been accepted, and then to do all that processing as advised here and demonstrated in this case study.

Unfortunately this is not something you have control over, so you would need to speak to your Consent Manager provider

Giacomo Beretta

Jun 21, 2024, 11:44:23 AMJun 21
to web-vitals-feedback
Thanks! And sorry.. I wrote IMP ... but I mean INP!
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