Unable to determine LCP issue: LCP score increased in both mobile and desktop

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Nasim Ali

Mar 20, 2024, 1:18:16 PMMar 20
to web-vitals-feedback
The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) score has significantly increased on some URLs of my website, but I'm unable to determine the cause, as other URLs with the same webpage structure have lower LCP scores. Here are the affected URLs.
1. https://musicmaster.in/blog/musical-instruments-name/
2. https://musicmaster.in/blog/top-10-easy-hindi-songs-to-sing-for-beginners/
3. https://musicmaster.in/blog/top-10-easy-hindi-songs-on-guitar-for-beginners/ (Desktop)
4. https://musicmaster.in/blog/ekadantaya-vakratundaya-lyrics/
5. https://musicmaster.in/blog/top-10-easy-hindi-songs-to-sing-for-beginners/
6. https://musicmaster.in/blog/sarali-varisai-lesson-1/

Barry Pollard

Mar 20, 2024, 1:29:13 PMMar 20
to Nasim Ali, web-vitals-feedback
LCP are measures from a user's perspective, so can also be affected by changes in your user profiles (e.g. users connecting from slower devices or networks) even if your site has not changed.

But it does look like there is a particular problem with TTFB on mobile for this site (and looks like this has always been the case), with a p75 of 2500, which will make passing LCP impossible until that is improved since it has that as a threshold and TTFB is a necessary first step before LCP.

I suggest you look at these guides for more information:

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