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Aug 15, 2022, 4:20:47 AM8/15/22
to Diladele Web Safety
Hello everyone,

We would like to present our new project - fully managed Cloud Proxy application designed to let admins of small organizations deploy and manage an instance of web filtering proxy with just several clicks.

The idea is to get rid of most admin hassle of provisioning, setup, operating system and license management typically involved in deploying a proxy - all these tasks are now done by our team. You as administrator are only responsible for setting the web filtering settings in Admin UI - several clicks in the browser is usually what is needed then.

The project is available at and is supposed to work like the following:
  • admin registers an account at the
  • admin creates an organization (or several organizations) for his clients or company - say contoso
  • admin deploys a proxy (or proxies) in the cloud portal for the created organization
  • our team actually provisions the virtual machine that implements the proxy. That machine gets a public FQDN of say
  • admin manages the proxy and web filter settings as required and allows connections to the proxy only from the IP addresses belonging to the organizations. Admin also sets the browsers of the organization to point to FQDN of the proxy
  • user browses the internet
  • our team manages underlying proxy resources.
The project is now in the early stages of development. Thus we would like to invite you as admin to take a look at the project and decide if it is something worth spending your time and your effort on.

So please reply to if:
  • you are based in the EU
  • you own or represent the IT business with EU registered VAT number
  • you are ok with spending 1 euro per week (we need to test the payment subsystem too)
We will then make an account for you at Note as of now, this feature is only available for a limited set of users.

Thank you very much for your time!

Best regards,

Mark Williams

Nov 15, 2022, 4:46:29 AM11/15/22
to Diladele Web Safety
I will be watching this though im not prepared to jump into the early stages as we need a production ready system.  We moved away from diladele after many years of use at our school purely because we shifted our devices to "one per pupil" rather than onsite only - I do like diladele (and dnssafety).  This meant I need to use filtering when the devices are away from school.  We use a cloud "smartPAC proxy" (with the settings locked down obviously) so that this can happen.  Users use office 365 as the auth mechanism so I can still track user to event.  However!  I much preferred diladele as the new provider is not very configurable.

we filter our guest network on their DNS (guest traffic egresses from a specific pair of IPs so that this can be logged) those do not have 365 auth (as they are guests so wont have a school account).

Pupil BYOD filtering required input of school 365 so those are tracked.

Mark Williams

Nov 15, 2022, 4:58:19 AM11/15/22
to Diladele Web Safety
edit:  I should have said, main smartpac and pupil BYOD vlans need an SSL cert of course, the guest DNS only does not.  

If you have an online only DNS filter that you want to test I dont mind switching our guest wifi (no authentication for this, we use pfsense captive portal and vouchers for guests to logon) DNS to yours for testing?  We use pfsense as a firewall, whitelist DNS/TLSDNS for known providers, egress via a pair of /29 blocks (failover).

Nov 17, 2022, 2:46:04 AM11/17/22
to Diladele Web Safety
Thanks! For now we do not have online public DNS filter :(
It is possible to deploy DNS safety in Azure for sure I think - so you can use it there if needed.
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