Web People Search (WePS) converter to Senseval-2 format

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Ted Pedersen

May 27, 2008, 11:44:33 AM5/27/08
to web-people-search-...@googlegroups.com, SenseClusters Users Mailing List, nlpa...@yahoogroups.com
We are are pleased to announce the release of weps2sval2.pl (v0.02),
a Perl program that will take the data used in the WePS task of
Semeval-2007 (or any data formatted like it) and convert that data into
the Senseval-2 format. This will hopefully make it easier to run
experiments using this data with a variety of different tools.

You can download this program from the link below (and find a
link to the WePSdata as well)...


And here's a direct link to the code...

Our immediate motivation for creating this converter was to run the WePS
data with our SenseClusters package (http://senseclusters.sourceforge.net)
which utilizes the Senseval-2 format for input. We can imagine though
there are other tools that people may have developed for other tasks that
they might like to apply to the WePS data.

Please give this program a try and let us know what you think - we have done
our best to produce as "true" a conversion of the WePS data as we can, and
have provided support for doing this both from the "snippet" form of the data
as well as the "raw" data.

Ted and Atul

Ted Pedersen

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